A Thought About Cena/Lesnar

I read something like this on another site and it makes me think about a few things. Paraphrased:

“It really says a lot about Cena that they have to bring out The Rock and a legit superstar fighter to make him break a sweat. That’s how far and away he is above the rest of the current roster.”

And that’s true. Lesnar is one of those guys that fans talk about in awe. He was a once in a generation talent and he managed to rise to the top of a legitimate sport. THAT is what they had to bring back to give Cena a real challenge.

Think about that for a bit.


  1. Eric says:

    So KB, do you think anyone on the current roster will ever mean anything outside of Cena? Think about it. Cena gets all these “bigger names” to face because he’s the biggest name. He had to get there somehow right? How will this roster create new elite names if the new strategy is to keep bringing in old ones and making sure they seem a lot more important than the roster. Even if Batista comes back it’ll feel that way. So how do you create the next set of superstars if you are constantly telling your audience that guys that used to perform here are still better?

    klunderbunker Reply:

    That is indeed a problem, but until they get rid of the idea of reading off scripts and having everything set for them already, there’s no way anyone is going to get big. Cena, Austin, Hogan, and any other big name got big because they’re different. Today, WWE is about taking someone and molding them into what WWE wants, not the other way around. Until that changes, no one is getting big.

  2. Mathix says:

    Not a lot of the roster is going to ever get big. There will be some guys that have moments of glory and feel like they will be big but they wont because WWE doesnt like them or they do not fit the mold of what the WWE feels is a superstar. so in a way punk was right. Ryder is a great example. He was getting the biggest pops of the night and people demanded him but wwe cut his legs out from underneath him. KB i just feel a lot of the rostee is lacking something that would take them to the “Cena” level. Like i dont believe guys like kofi, swagger, ziggler, sheamus etc will ever be huge. Everyone of them lacks something that Cena makes up for. I cant explain it but its there. I saw Cena and lesnar from day one and knew they would be big. Nowadays nobody who debuts do i get that vibe about. I dont feel lord tensai will get anywhere just a main event push then dropped down to midcarder then gone. I just dont feel any of the current roster could fill cena’s void if he ever left evee left even if their lives depended on it. Theres no one who has that IT factor right now

  3. Si says:

    Cena is a once in a generation guy, no-one could touch Hogan, or Austin, thats why we still talk about them the way we do.

    Cena gets the people come back because they can, but no-one could come back for Austin at his peak, in 1999 he was so far above the Rock in the main event it was obvious who’d win, yet its all we had, Hogan, Piper and all the big stars of the previous generation were in WCW, there was no scope for the big match. If possible it’d probibly have happened as the demand for bigger and better than whats come before is massive!