Lockdown 2012 Preview

It’s that time again. The second biggest show of the year with all cage matches. Here you go.Roode vs. Storm – This is one of those matches that seems like you can’t screw up……….but this is TNA.  I’m not sure if they’re going to mess it up but they could.  I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt though and go with the obvious title change.

Lethal Lockdown – Keep this in mind: Garrett Bischoff is now in control of a world champion, a two time world champion, the hottest commodity in the company, and the most decorated man in the history of the company.  Let that sink in for a minute.  Anyway, I have to go with Garrett’s team.  There’s no reason for him to lose, and besides it lets us have him stand on top even more.  I have no interest in this match though because look at it on paper minus the Bischoffs.  Is there anyone on the heel team other than Ray that can stand up to any of the faces?  No, and that’s why the match isn’t interesting.  Also next year, cut thsi down to 8 people.  Ten is too many.

Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy – This is Angle’s night usually as he has great match after great match at Lockdown.  I’ll take Hardy to win, but this is going to be good.  Angle said that he thinks it’ll be a masterpiece and as good as HHH vs. Undertaker, but then again Kurt thinks people still listen to him.

Tag Titles – I know this is blasphemy but I’m not interested in the Guns at all.  There’s nothing for them to accomplish with the titles anymore at all.  They’re one of the best teams in company history (not as good as Beer Money or AMW but they’re probably third), and there’s no reason for them to get the belts.  They probably will and there’s nothing wrong with them being champions, but there’s nothing left for them to do with the titles.  I’ll go with new champions but with very little confidence.

Morgan vs. Crimson – No way the streak ends here.  Not that it would matter if it did, but it doesn’t end here.  Crimson wins.

Knockouts – Gail has had the belt five months now.  Put it on Velvet already.

TV Title – It’s still D-Von vs. Robbie E.  Did you know this match was happening?  Tenay and Tazz didn’t.  Champion retains.



  1. The Real Klunderbunker says:

    U left off Roode vs Storm mister know it all.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    How about you read that first paragraph bubbles?

  2. Jay says:

    Bobby Roode vs James Storm-This might be one of the best build ups TNA has done for a World Title Match EVER. I am taking Storm to win the Title and like you said KB this is one Match they can’t mess up but its TNA so we’ll see.

    Lethal Lockdown-Ive been mixed on this one and I just don’t care about Bischoff vs Bischoff Jr. That being said there is some star power in this like RVD,Anderson,Bully Ray,AJ so it could be decent. I guess im going with Team Garrett to win.

    Jeff Hardy vs Kurt Angle-Should be a solid Match but I just laugh at Angle when he says this will top HIAC at Mania. Jeff Hardy wins this one.

    Joe/Magnus vs MCMG-Give me The Guns to win the Tag Titles.

    Matt Morgan vs Crimson-Crimson wins

    Gail Kim vs Velvet Sky-Just give Velvet the Belt and be done with it.

    Devon vs Robbie E-Why is this Match on the PPV? We haven’t seen either on Impact since the last PPV. Devon keeps the TV Title.