Favorite So Ridiculous That It’s Great Moment

On Raw tonight Santino got dropkicked but backflipped to his feet to hit the Cobra for a pin. It was so stupid but at the same time I loved it. What are some moments of yours that are so stupid and/or ridiculous that they’re great?For me, it’s the Reviving Elbow.  This was one of the best thinking outside the box moments I can remember in a LONG time.  It’s from WCW in I think early 1995.  Hogan and Savage are in a tag match against two guys that aren’t important enough to remember.  They beat Hulk down but get distracted by something or other.  Savage can’t get Hogan up, so he goes up top and hits the big elbow on him which brings Hogan back to life.  That’s so crazy and creative that it’s GREAT.  Youtube it.

Your picks?

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  1. TheSDQQKidJoe says:

    I agree. The Santino Spot tonight was pretty sweet.