Extreme Rules 2012 Preview

First of all: can someone explain the difference between a Chicago Street Fight and an Extreme Rules match?Punk to retain.  There’s no real reason to have him lose to Jericho here unless it’s to set up a final gimmick match at whatever the next show is, but I think it’s time for Jericho to move on unless they want to go with something about Punk actually drinking.  The build has been a lot of rehashing the stuff before Mania so I don’t see a point in continuing it after this.


I’m going with Lesnar over Cena but I think a better pick would be a big brawl that goes to a draw.  You can’t have Lesnar lose immediately coming back but Cena has to win something someday.  Cena hasn’t said anything in this feud for the most part other than in London so it should be interesting to see where it goes.


Sheamus retains.  It’s pretty clear that they’re going from Bryan to Del Rio as the new challenger because he’s the least interesting person they could have feuding with Sheamus and that’s the right choice I guess.  We’ll go with 2-0 on a hunch.


Oh and whatever Bella has the title retains before losing to Kharma on Raw.




Orton over Kane.  No real reason for it to go the other way.


Show will retain unless they’re really stupid with their booking.



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  1. Jay says:

    Extreme Rules has been built up very well and I am looking forward to it. Im taking John Cena over Brock Lesnar but I could see something where Brock takes Cena out and John goes on a small vacation before coming back. I think CM Punk retains in another Great Match with Chris Jericho & Sheamus retains in 2/3 Falls with Bryan. I also like Orton over Kane,Big Show retains,Nikki retains but loses to Kharma,and Santino keeps his Title on the Pre-Show.