ECW on TNN – October 15, 1999: They Were Doing So Well And Then Pulp Fiction

Date: October 15, 1999
Location: Civic Center, Houma, Louisiana
Attendance: 2,000
Commentators: Joey Styles, Joel Gertner

We’re heading towards November 2 Remember and not a lot has been established yet. Then again that’s pretty common for ECW PPVs so I’m not that worried. The only other main story is the Raven vs. Dreamer feud, but that could be said about almost any time that the two were in the company at the same time. Let’s get to it.

We open with Candido and Sytch coming to the ring. Before they can say anything though, here are Storm and Dawn Marie. I still can’t get over how hot she was in ECW. Storm says that Sytch is a has been at 26 but everyone knew it a year ago. At least Candido had some talent. Not a lot mind you but enough for Storm to carry him. Those are Storm’s words if that’s not clear. Storm makes a drug reference and it’s on. Security breaks it up before they fight too much though.

Theme song.

David Kash vs. Tom Marquez

That’s Kid Kash and it’s his debut. Kash hooks a Japanese armdrag and here are Corino and Rhyno to beat them both down. The match didn’t last 30 seconds.

Rhyno and Tajiri are in Falcons’ jerseys and insult the Saints players in the audience. Rhyno goes after them and Dreamer comes out to try to break it up. Corino calls out Tommy and we’re having a match after the break.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Steve Corino

It’s a big wild brawl and they go into the stands very quickly. Dreamer is in pure control and beating him up in the crowd. They tease throwing both guys over the railing and I think Dreamer falls off the side. Not that you can see anything mind you so that’s kind of a guess. They get to the ring for the first time and there go Corino’s pants and whatever he had under them. Everything is covered by a mosaic at least.

There’s a superplex to naked Steve Corino. He comes back with a shot to Dreamer’s bad back and pulls his singlet up. Corino puts on a front facelock and sits down in the chair for some reason. Dreamer escapes the devastating sitting hold and sets up the DDT on said chair, but Corino escapes and sends Dreamer into the chair.

There goes the referee and Dreamer hits the Death Valley Driver. He hooks a Tarantula as Francine knocks Jack Victory down. Cue Tajiri to kick Dreamer in the head. Tajiri goes after Francine and Raven comes in to break up whatever Corino was setting up. DDT to Tajiri and one to Dreamer as well. Corino goes for the cover but Dreamer rolls him up for the pin.

Rating: D+. It’s pretty clear they have no idea what to do with Dreamer and Raven at this point. The problem was they didn’t have anything to do with them other than throw them together because they feuded for so many years. This was more of a fight anyway and I thought about not rating it. Not terrible though and it was entertaining I guess.

Fonzie says watch out for Sabu.

Chris Candido vs. Lance Storm

After a break we join this in progress with Storm chopping away in the corner. Candido takes him down and pounds away but walks into a spinwheel kick from Storm. Chris hooks a neckbreaker and a middle rope legdrop gets two. A very delayed vertical suplex gets two on Storm. Out to the floor and Candido hits a big dive to the floor.

Storm is sent to the barricade but knocks Candido over the railing. Back in a springboard clothesline gets two for Storm. Tammy interferes to slow Lance down and a superplex followed by a swan dive gets two. Cue Justin Credible and it’s time for a cat fight. Credible pops Candido with a Singapore Cane and Storm pins Candido with Jerry Lynn’s cradle piledriver.

Rating: C. I like Storm so I can’t complain much about this one. Candido was fine but sometimes he could get a little boring. To be fair the girls here looked great so that always helps. This was a feud that went on forever a few years before though so we had seen it for a long time already.

Rod Price vs. Mike Awesome

Price is a big jock looking guy. Awesome however is a monster and knocks Price to the floor and dives over the top onto him. Back into the ring and Price gets some shots in but the world champion runs him over, kicks him down and powerbombs him through a table. Another powerbomb puts Price’s manager through a table on the floor and a top rope splash ends Price. Squash pretty much.

Awesome vs. Tanaka is announced for the PPV.

Dawn Marie and the Impact Players say they’re running everyone out of town.

Da Baldies say that they’re Da Baldies.

Raven is on Bourbon Street and talks about souls.

Doring talks to Miss Congeniality but I can’t understand any of it. He tells Chetti that Chetti wouldn’t listen so now he’s hurt. He’s coming for Nova too.

Back to Raven who talks about how the idiots on this street are Dreamer’s people.

Rotten and Mahoney say they’re hardcore.

Spike looks at his hands. These are supposed to be themed like Pulp Fiction I think.

Da Baldies are still named Da Baldies.

New Jack talks about being a baby.

RVD says nothing of note about November 2 Remember.

Lynn says the injuries won’t stop him. Corino interrupts him and says to work hurt. Corino leaves and Lynn goes looking for him but finds Congeniality in a towel instead. He keeps looking but finds Tajiri who kicks his bad ribs.

Raven makes fun of Dreamer some more.

Van Dam wants to face Sabu at the PPV.

New Jack yells a lot.

Tajiri talks about his favorite Jimmy Stewart movie.

In a funny bit, Gertner compliments Tajiri’s promo (which was in Japanese). Joey says what did Tajiri say. Joel opens his mouth and a voiceover of Tajiri’s promo plays. Joey looks at the camera with a look straight out of a Daffy Duck cartoon.

New Jack rants some more.

Van Dam says he’ll fight anyone. That ends the show. The last nine minutes were all these promos being split up.

Overall Rating: C-. This is on the ECW scale of course. The show wasn’t that bad but the ending was really weird. I get that they’re going for something different, but different doesn’t always mean good. They did a good job here of getting more wrestling on the show, but then the last quarter of the show was like that, which doesn’t really work. Not a horrible show but it didn’t quite work.

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