Impact Going Live May 31, To Be Live All Summer


This is one of the things that people have said that TNA needs for years now. I’m not sure if that’s going to make it better but it definitely makes it more interesting.

Thoughts on this?


  1. Mayonnaise Warrior says:

    It might help the ratings considering a lot of people read spoilers instead of watching it.

  2. Jordan says:

    Well it’s definitely a great move, I’ll give them that. Being live just gives a totally different feel to a show in my opinion and this will probably help ratings a little bit. Unfortunately this won’t change the issues that consistently plague this company such as the constant face/heel turns, way too much Hogan, focusing way too much on TV rather than PPVs, etc.

  3. Rocko says:

    I live on the West coast…so fuck this.

  4. The Killjoy says:

    The real ticket for ratings is airing on the road. Going live is gonna do minimal as far as I can see. It’s still a nice touch though and it’s already contradicting the “taping schedule” released big time.

  5. Jay says:

    Impact going Live is fine and it beats listening to the Piped In Crowd Noise for 2 damn hours. All they need to do now is GET OUT OF THE IMPACT ZONE.