Monday Night Raw – November 2, 1998: Vince Says Rip Their Clothes Off

Monday Night Raw
Date: November 2, 1998
Location: Compaq Center, Houston, Texas
Attendance: 12,590
Commentators: Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler

Well it’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these hasn’t it? We’re still building towards the Deadly Game tournament at Survivor Series which is another step in the feud between Vince and Austin. We have Shane as the top good guy now against Vince as Vince is still evil of course because his name is Vince McMahon. I barely remember most of what’s been going on here so let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of Vince vs. Shane.

Here’s Shane in the arena to a big pop. He says that the day after Survivor Series, Austin gets his title shot on Raw. Apparently Shane is in charge tonight. Here’s Austin and we cut to the back to see Vince arriving. He comes to the arena before Austin can say anything and says that he’s not going to retire. As the crowd tells Vince what they think he is, he says that Austin, Shane and the fans would love it if he left.

Well the only way he’s stepping down though is the day he dies. That’s very true I’d assume. When he dies, he doesn’t want anyone coming to his funeral because he wants to get straight to where he’s going forever. That’s where he’s been lately because of what Shane has been putting him through. Therefore, Shane is fired from his executive spot and now he’s a referee. If he’s bad at that, he’ll be on the ring crew where he started his career. As for Austin, he’s in the tournament at Survivor Series. In the opening round, he’ll be facing Big Bossman, Vince’s goon.

There’s a cage over the ring.

During the break, Vince yelled at JR and Lawler. Also, someone will be paying hard time tonight in that very cage.

D-Generation X vs. The Brood

This would be the Outlaws and X-Pac. This is being written the day after Raw 1000 so they’re pretty fresh in my mind. The Brood is Edge, Christian and the leader Gangrel. They may have picked the wrong guy to be in charge. Pac and Edge get us going and you know how fast that’s going to go. Pac kicks Edge’s head off for two but Edge comes back with a spinebuster.

Off to Christian who is in a long sleeve shirt for some reason which is really loose on him. It’s a pretty odd look but he hits a gutbuster to take over. Hot tag brings in Road Dogg for some shaking punches and it’s back to Edge. He DDTs Road Dogg and everything breaks down. The lights go out and it’s Kane time. He clears the ring and we’ll say it’s thrown out too soon to rate. There was nothing to see here.

During the previous break, Vince yelled at Cole. Today these roles would be completely reversed.

Hawk vs. Droz

Thankfully they’re just calling him Droz now. Last night these two got in a fight and cost the LOD a match to some team called The Hardy Boys. Hawk is drunk again. Droz jumps Hawk but Animal comes in and pulls him off. No match but Animal yells at Hawk a lot. Animal and Droz leave together.

Vince yelled at Cornette during the match. I’m sure there’s a shoot video about this somewhere.

Al Snow and Mankind have an argument…..I think. Mankind makes reference to a show called Real Secrets of Pro Wrestling Revealed, which was a documentary which was supposed to be a big deal but didn’t reveal anything most people didn’t already know.

Oddities vs. Mankind/Al Snow

Golga/Kurrgan here. ZZ Top is here. Mankind and Kurrgan start and we get a dance off until Snow jumps Kurrgan from behind. Off to Snow who has a bit less success. Snow fires off some kicks to the legs and Kurrgan goes down before Mankind comes back in. Golga comes in with a splash in the corner and an elbow drop for two. A side slam from Kurrgan gets the same as we’re told Vince is yelling at the Fink.

Mankind grabs a double arm DDT on Kurrgan and reaches for Socko, but he’s not there. Snow hits Kurrgan in the head with Head as Mankind leaves in panic. Snow walks into a bad Bossman Slam from Kurrgan. Snow makes both Oddities miss a few times but Kurrgan chokeslams him and the Earthquake gets the pin.

Rating: D+. This was a comedy match at times and a major upset at the end. Well maybe not major but still an upset. Kurrgan is a total guilty pleasure for me and when he’s in there with my all time favorite, what else am I going to say here other than it wasn’t all bad. This was nothing great but I had to like it a bit given who was in there.

Most of the roster was watching the show and someone is with them. Vince comes up and throws the guy out because he doesn’t have a backstage pass. His response: “I’m Shaquille O’Neal. I don’t need a backstage pass.” Vince leaves.

Post break Mankind is looking for Socko and thinks Vince can help him find it.

Steven Regal vs. Goldust

It’s the REAL MAN’S MAN! This is the result of an open challenge from Regal, who wants to fight a real man. Regal works on the arm but gets taken down with a shoulder block. Back to the arm for Regal but gets caught in a bad hiptoss. Regal comes back with some shots to the head and sends Goldust to the floor. Here comes Terri with a cigar. Back in and Regal pounds away in his usual clunky style. Goldie comes back with an uppercut and bulldog for two. Goldust loads up Shattered Dreams but here’s Kane for the throwing out of the match.

Rating: D+. The song alone keeps this from failing but the match didn’t work for the most part at all. By that I mean there wasn’t anything here and the focus was on Terri for all of ten seconds. Basically they were there for five minutes until Kane came out. Can I just listen to Regal’s song some more?

Kane goes for a chokeslam on Terri but suits come out. Tony Garea gets the chokeslam instead.

Here are the brackets for the tournament at Survivor Series:

Kane and Undertaker have byes to the second round.



The Rock



Ken Shamrock



Jeff Jarrett

Al Snow


Steven Regal

Steve Austin

Big Bossman

Mankind goes to Vince and Vince says Mankind can have something if Mankind doesn’t interfere in the next match. The gift: the WWF Hardcore Title.

Intercontinental Title: Ken Shamrock vs. The Rock

Vince talked to Shamrock during the break but we didn’t hear what he said. BIG pop for Rock here. Before the bell, Vince comes out and says if Rock doesn’t win the title, he’s not the #1 contender, nor is he in the tournament at Survivor Series. Rock takes over fast and sends Shamrock into the corner before hitting an elbow to the chest while Shamrock is on the apron. Rock punches some more but gets elbowed down as the champ takes over.

They head to the floor and the Brahma Bull is in trouble. Shamrock stomps away and Rock goes into the steps as well as the announce table. Back in and Shamrock is relishing the fans hating him like they do. Rock comes back with a clothesline but he gets taken down by a hurricanrana and the belly to belly. Ankle lock goes on but Rock makes a rope, taking the smile off Vince’s face.

A double clothesline puts both guys down and Rock gets a very delayed two. Rock fires off right hands and ducks a high kick, followed by a swinging neckbreaker for two. The champ comes back with a powerslam for two but Rock gets a DDT for two of his own. Down goes the referee so Shamrock gets a chair. He swings at Rock’s head but hits the rope, sending the chair into his own head. People’s Elbow connects but there’s still no referee. Shamrock gets up and cracks Rock in the head with the chair for the DQ.

Rating: C+. These two always had some good chemistry together and this worked pretty well too. Rock would be thrown out of the tournament for this but since it’s the Attitude Era, I’ll put his time at being out of it at about 45 minutes. Good little match here and the ending makes sense given the story going on.

Vince tells Rock he’s out of the tournament.

Rock is mad.

Val Venis vs. Jeff Jarrett

Val has recently dumped his pregnant chick of the week Terri, saying it’s her problem and not his. This is a rematch from last night apparently. Feeling out process to start and Val hooks a quick abdominal stretch and a backslide for two. A spinebuster puts Jarrett down and Val does his running knees to the ribs. Val loads up the Money Shot but here’s the Blue Blazer for the DQ. Too short to rate but this was nothing again.

Some cops arrive and Vince wants Rock arrested.

D’Lo Brown/Mark Henry vs. Headbangers

The Bangers are dressed up like the Outlaws. Brown and Mosh start and apparently the winners get a title match at the PPV. Off to Henry and Thrasher and Thrasher has hurt his knee. Mosh cheats a bit but Thrasher can barely walk. Mosh comes in legally now as does D’Lo. Brown charges into a boot but he lures Thrasher in to prevent a Headbangers tag. Mosh charges into a bearhug from Henry and what we would call the World’s Strongest Slam. Big splash crushes Mosh but it’s back to Brown. A middle rope elbow misses for Brown and everything breaks down. The Bangers take over….and here’s Kane to end it.

Rating: D+. This was nothing of note other than a way to bring out Kane for the third time tonight. You know, I think we get it at this point. Anyway, there would be a triple threat tag title match at the PPV where the Outlaws would retain. Also, points to Thrasher here for gutting it out through an injury.

Kane breaks some people.

Rock is arrested.

Post break, Rock is still being arrested and Vince and company gloats.

Here’s Owen Hart dressed as himself in street clothes. He apologizes for injuring Severn a little over a month ago and states that he’s retired. Tonight though he’s here to hear from Severn in person. Here’s Severn in a neckbrace who says everyone knows Owen is the Blue Blazer, but Severn is here to tell Owen that he’s nothing but scum. Severn sounds like Goldust when he talks. Owen jumps him but Steve Blackman makes the save.

Severn is loaded into an ambulance and Blackman jumps Owen. The Blue Blazer comes in to beat down Blackman in a double team. JR has no idea what’s going on.

The cage is lowered.

Here are Vince and company. Vince wants to send everyone in the audience into the cage to serve hard time but instead he’ll just be wheeled down to ringside for now. To Patterson: “Straighten me out!” Patterson: “It’s not that easy. You’re heavy you know!” Boss Man is told to check the cage’s security with the Stooges. They all get inside and Vince says all he wanted was a cup of coffee. He tells the Boss Man to go and the Stooges and Slaughter get destroyed. Boss Man vs. Slaughter would have been a BIG feud in late 90/early 91. Vince tells Boss Man to rip off their clothes for some reason.

Austin finally comes out for the save to attack Boss Man and save the Stooges. Patterson, ever the nice guy, hits Austin in the knee with the nightstick and the beatdown begins. Shane comes out for another save but Vince tells Boss Man to let Shane go. Shane flips Vince off and here comes Taker. He goes into the cage and brawls with Austin with the Rattlesnake being too weak to fight back. Cue Kane for about the fifth run-in for this segment. Kane does his fire thing and the middle of the cage walls are on fire and it’s a three way fight to end the show.

Overall Rating: C-. There are two problems with this show. First of all, the matches went nowhere. There were seven matches on this show and ONE didn’t have a run-in or a DQ finish, and that match had one of the four people in it walking out. Second, nothing really happened here. Rock was thrown out of the tournament and we were told that Austin’s first victim will be Big Bossman. There’s nothing here for the most part and while the show went by fast, it wasn’t anything good or memorable at all. Bigger things were coming though.

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