Monday Night Raw – October 19, 1998: BANG 3:16

Monday Night Raw
Date: October 19, 1998
Location: Bradley Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Attendance: 12,157
Commentators: Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler

It’s the night after Judgment Day and we’re about to start the build up to Survivor Series. Last night Austin screwed over both Undertaker and Kane in the main event, resulting in his firing to end the PPV last night. So in other words Vince has gotten the final win over Austin and the war is over isn’t it? I’m sure we’ll never see Austin again right? It’s such a great and peaceful world on Monday Night Raw anymore. Let’s get to it.

We open with a big celebration in the ring complete with jovial music, confetti and the whole roster being brought down to the ring. Here’s Vince in his wheelchair to say that he has an announcement about the WWF Championship. We have no champion right now so on the night of the Survivor Series, there’s going to be a new champion due to a sixteen man one night tournament.

As for last night, Austin was fired and we get a still of his face last night. Apparently Austin muttered something about hunting season, which Vince interprets as him hunting for a job. If Austin EVER wants to come into an arena again, he has to buy a ticket. Firing Austin last night felt better than sex. No one in the ring is bigger than Vince so they’ll never cross the boss right? The Austin 3:16 stuff is now a collector’s item because it’s all about McMahon 3:16. As Vince is about to leave, we get a shot of Austin in what looks like the parking lot with a gun.

Back from a break and Vince sends Bossman to get his family to get them out of town. The Stooges stay with him and Vince wants the cameraman here to document everything. Austin is seen in the back polishing his rifle.

X-Pac vs. Ken Shamrock

Shamrock is the IC Champion and Pac is European Champion but this is non-title. DX hung out with Motley Crue earlier today. Shamrock jumps him to start and kicks him down almost immediately. A kind of snap Jackhammer gets two as we cut to Vince who wants additional security. Shamrock cranks on a front facelock and here come two rent-a-cops. They take Chyna out and cuff her while reading her her rights. I believe this is called an arrest.

Thankfully Shamrock was smart enough to have a hold on while that was going on so the angle didn’t distract from the match. Once they’re gone Pac comes back with some kicks bu charges into a powerslam for two. The Bronco Buster is broken up and there’s the belly to belly. There’s the standing rana from Shamrock but here comes Mankind. Ken pulls him into the ring but gets caught in the Mandible Claw. Shamrock suplexes his way out of it but walks into the X Factor for the pin.

Rating: C. The best word to describe this match is eventful. There was a lot going on here and the match was probably the least important of those things. Shamrock would continue his heel turn soon after this which would probably be the right move for him. The match was really just a backdrop for the other events.

Chyna is taken away in a cop car when two security goons spot Austin. They ask him to get out of the truck and look at his gun. Austin signs an autograph for the guards’ kids and they leave him alone.

Vince panics and sends the cop with the attack dog after him. Cop: “I didn’t come here to risk my life. Screw you.” Brisco goes to find out what’s going on. This is hilarious.

Headbangers vs. Darren Drozdov/Animal

The Headbangers have foam title belts on and do the Outlaws’ intro. Animal and Mosh get us going with Animal getting in trouble quickly. He comes back with a powerslam for two as the announcers talk about the guard dog. Droz comes in and misses an elbow drop so the Headbangers double team him down. He comes back with a sitout powerbomb and everything breaks down. Hawk claps in support and Droz looks at him for some reason, allowing Thrasher to roll him up for the pin. That was all on Droz but Hawk gets the blame.

Patterson goes to get Vince coffee but Slaughter and Brisco go with him, leaving Vince alone.

Post break Mr. Socko and Foley come in to see Vince. Vince is very relieved to see him for once, but Foley says he wants to get to know Vince and have a sleepover. The look on Vince’s face is perfect.

Here’s Undertaker with Bearer which is a recent reunion. Taker says that Bearer has come home to lead his Ministry of Darkness. He doesn’t really give a reason for it but says you should just get it. Bearer is someone with vision and someone who understands the power of the darkness. We have the beginning of a new era now and there will be a plague unleashed on the WWF which will never be understood. Bearer says he used Kane because he’s weak and it started eight weeks ago. JR calls Bearer a rotund demon. Taker says he set the fire that burned Kane, so here’s the big fried freak himself.

Kane pushes out a casket and uses the voicebox to challenge Undertaker to a casket match tonight. Undertaker doesn’t say anything but Kane says that he’ll rest in peace. That was abrupt.

Foley thinks Vince should rehire Austin so Vince, Austin, Mankind and Socko can be the new Kliq. And now let’s play Twister! That’s enough to make Vince snap and he throws Foley out.

Steve Blackman vs. Jeff Jarrett

This is more famous as the WWF debut of Debra McMichael as Jarrett’s new manager. They start fast and we’re told that we’ll have the casket match tonight. Jarrett takes him down quickly and goes up but gets slammed down for two. Blackman misses a kick and Jarrett hits a neckbreaker to take Blackman down for two. A DDT gets no cover but Jarrett jumps into a kick to the ribs. A bicycle kick puts Jarrett down and here’s the Blue Blazer to jump Blackman and drawing the DQ.

Al Snow tries to make the save but Head is distracted by Debra, allowing Jarrett to hit Snow with the guitar.

The phone in Vince’s room rings but he isn’t sure whether he should answer it. Thankfully the phone is mic’d up so we can hear Austin saying he’s coming for Vince.

Back from a break and Vince is on the phone with his limo driver. The driver doesn’t see Austin so he must be in the building. Vince is going to try to make a fast getaway but has to look around every door. He can see the limo but Austin is on the other side of it. Vince tries to get away but Austin tells him to freeze. Austin wheels him back into the arena while carrying a hunting bow and arrow. Vince screams for mercy so Austin rams the bad ankle into walls. Austin: “I used to work at a hospital.” They go into Vince’s office and the door is shut.

Back and Austin is interrogating Vince about whether he’s ever gone hunting before. Vince says he’s been on a safari once but he only took pictures. Austin asks if the knife he has could kill an elephant.

The Rock vs. D’Lo Brown

Rock has some weird techno remix of his music here which didn’t last long at all. We hear that the Nation is officially split as Rock takes over quickly. A swinging neckbreaker gets a big pop but no cover. Henry gets on the apron allowing Rock to hit Brown low. Brown makes a quick comeback but gets run over by a clothesline. Henry cheats a bit and Brown takes over again. Rock comes back with a DDT for two and it’s People’s Elbow time, but the chest protector prevents the pain. Brown jumps into the Rock Bottom though and we’re done.

Rating: D+. Rock was clearly about to become a HUGE deal and they needed to do this quick feud to clarify that the Nation was done. Rock would be in the tournament at Survivor Series which was certainly where he belonged. The match was nothing of note but it got Rock on TV and that was the important idea.

Henry beats up Rock post match and hits him with the splash.

Austin asks Vince if he wants to know how sharp the knife is. Vince doesn’t say anything so Austin jumps to his feet to scare McMahon again. Austin says he’s having a swell time but he’s going to take Vince tonight. Vince says Austin will never get away with this which Austin seems annoyed by.

Here’s Tiger Ali Singh to be disgusting again. He talks about all of the gross stuff Americans eat and Babu is grilling sausages. Singh says he’ll pay $500 to anyone that can swallow a kielbasa. A chick comes in to swallow it but here’s Godfather who is now a pimp. Apparently the woman used to be one of his ho’s so she isn’t eligible, because she’s a professional. Godfather and Singh brawl and are pulled apart.

Austin shoots arrows at a poster and Vince is forced to look at it up close. Austin makes him hum the Deliverance theme and wants Vince to squeal like a pig. Vince LOUDLY oinks and we take a break.

Back with Austin talking about the movie Misery. Vince has a board between his legs just like in the movie. Austin tapes Vince’s mouth shut and then to the chair. He’s going to find a hammer.

Mankind vs. Val Venis

Goldust kicked Val in the balls last night so Val’s grinding doesn’t work that well. Mankind shoulders him down to start and we get a crisscross. Val’s groin messes up on him though so we have to settle for a headlock. Venis hits his following knees into a Russian legsweep for two. The idea here is that Val can only do so much without hurting himself even further. He tries a running hip attack while Foley is in 619 position but injures himself again. The double arm DDT sets up Socko but here’s Shamrock to hit Mankind in the knee with a chair. Val falls on top for the pin.

Rating: D. The match was about Val Venis’ groin. You figure out why I didn’t like it.

Mankind beats up Shamrock post match. They fight into the crowd and Mankind hits him with a chair. Goldust pops up on the screen and tells Val that it isn’t over. Terri whispers something to Val and he panics and leaves her in the ring. I think you know where this is going.

Austin says this isn’t about physical pain but rather getting back at him for last night’s humiliation. Vince isn’t going to feel a thing. Now Austin wants to watch TV. He asks if Vince remembers the show You Bet Your Life. Vince gets to pick either Undertaker or Kane in the upcoming match. Vince picks Kane, so Austin says if Kane wins it’s the easy way, but if it’s any other outcome, it’s the hard way which is the Austin way. That’s a call back to the promo that started this feud.

Undertaker vs. Kane

Casket match remember. It’s a brawl to start with Taker hitting the jumping clothesline for a cover before remembering what kind of match this is. A running DDT puts Kane down and they both sit up. Kane gets knocked into the casket but he pulls Taker in with him. Taker DDTs Kane down into the casket but the lid is shut with both of them inside. They fight inside of the casket and break the thing apart. Both guys get out and Kane goes after Bearer. Kane chases him off but Taker pops him in the back with a chair. We’ll call this a no contest somewhere in here.

Rating: D. I have no idea what the point of this was but it certainly plays into the final segment of the show. The ending sucked bad though because the whole thing was like four minutes long. There was nothing here but it would only get a lot more complicated very soon, which would dominate 1999.

Austin wheels Vince to the ring while Vince is crying for mercy. After awhile of JR and Jerry talking, here they come. Vince starts to cry so we see a clip from earlier in the night where Vince talked about how the Austin merchandise would become collector’s items. Austin gives Vince a letter to read, saying it’s going to tick the devil himself off. He pulls out a gun and Vince’s eyes are crossing. Again, WHERE IS SECURITY? Austin pulls the trigger and a paper comes out saying BANG 3:16. Vince wets himself and gets Stunned twice to end the show.

Overall Rating: B-. This is one of those shows that’s all about drama and storytelling and all that stuff. The wrestling here meant nothing but that was a very common occurrence back then. The Vince/Austin stuff is one of their more famous moments and would of course result in Austin being rehired very soon. I wouldn’t call this show good, but it was certainly entertaining which is the big idea at this point, especially when it was Warrior vs. Hogan over on Nitro at this point.

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