WWF Wrestling Challenge – February 14, 1988: There Will Be A Tournament

WWF Wrestling Challenge
Date: February 14, 1988
Location: Wicomico Youth and Civic Center, Salisbury, Maryland
Commentators: Gorilla Monsoon, Bobby Heenan

Happy Valentine’s Day and it’s time to talk about the Main Event. The gag order thing is gone now and we can talk about what happened nine days ago. I don’t remember if they did last week or not but they certainly are here. The world title is currently in question and it’s possible we’ll hear about the solution to that problem, which would take place at Wrestlemania IV. Let’s get to it.

Gene immediately screws up two things: he says he’s at ringside when he’s on the platform and says let’s go to our announcers but it’s the opening segment.

We look at a highlight package from The Main Event. By that I mean about seven minutes out of a nine minute match. We also get the post match reveal of the second Dave Hebner.

DiBiase is wearing the title and says he told us all this would happen but no one believed him. He looks like pure evil with that on him.

We also get Hogan’s ranting promo from that night, wanting to know how much money did it cost to pay off Hebner.

Jack Tunney says that neither Hogan nor Andre nor DiBiase is world champion. The title is vacant and there will be a tournament at Wrestlemania IV for the title. The brackets are shown and in a little interesting bit of trivia, they’re different than they would be at the PPV. The pairings are all the same but they’re in a different order. Hogan and Andre receive first round byes.

The show is almost half over already.

Don Muraco vs. Ken Johnson

Muraco is fired up for the tournament. The match is a lot of stalling until Muraco gets his hands on him. A suplex puts Johnson down and drives a knee into his face from the top rope. Tombstone and we’re done.

Jim Duggan is fired up for the tournament. He can’t worry about his second round opponent though.

We get some highlights of Warrior vs. Hercules last week where the chain was broken.

Islanders vs. Lanny Poffo/Eric Cooper

Tama and Poffo get us going with Lanny working on the arm. Cooper comes in and the beating begins. Gorilla talks about wrestling Sammartino for 94 minutes. Ok then. A suplex/cross body combination pins Cooper quick.

Slick says his men are ready for Mania. Reed and OMG seem confident too.

We get the end of Bigelow vs. Joe Mirto. Ok then.

Hogan still wants to know how much Dibiase paid the referee. He isn’t preaching the gospel of Hulkamania because he’s got a bye in the first round. This is one of his out there promos.

Honky Tonk Man plugs the WWF Magazine.

Bad News Brown vs. David Stoudemire

Total squash here so there isn’t much to say. Heenan and Gorilla argue about Hebner and the tournament until the Ghetto Blaster ends this.

Jose Estrada/Dusty Wolfe vs. British Bulldogs

The Bulldogs say Matilda is recovering. Smith and I think Wolfe start us off and there’s the delayed suplex. The powerslam/headbutt combo ends the massacre.

DiBiase and Andre say they’ll win the tournament.

Overall Rating: B. It’s hard to call this one as the majority of the show was a recap of the events on the fifth. That being said, those were some very interesting events and seeing them again is something that sets up the vast majority of Wrestlemania IV, which is a huge deal. Based on that alone, I’ll say this is a good show but your individual taste may vary.

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