AW and Tensai Punished For Remarks

Apparently AW has been punished for his Kobe Bryant line last night.  Tensai also made an inappropriate comment in a since deleted Tout.  he was driving to Indianapolis with Sakamoto and said it was dangerous to drive with an Asian guy before telling him to open his eyes.  The specifics for either weren’t disclosed.


Thoughts on this?


  1. Blue Chipper says:

    My thoughts: what was AW thinking? That was not even remotely humorous, it was just tasteless and stupid.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    That’s true. What I don’t get is that it was 9 years ago. I had forgotten all about that. I was in high school when that case was being mentioned. It’s not even current news. What brought it to his head?

  2. Sully says:

    I thought AW line was funny (I hate Kobe anayways) but then again, I am a teenager. It wasn’t appropriate but it was funny. Why is Tensai being punished for a true comment?