Quick Thoughts On AW’s Release

This seems to be the hottest story in wrestling at the moment so I thought I’d throw out my thoughts on it:As you may know, a few weeks ago on Raw, AW made a reference to the Kobe Bryant rape case from eight or nine years ago.  He was reprimanded for it before the backlash lead to him being released yesterday.  AW has since gone on a massive Twitter rant, blaming EVERYONE from WWE to Linda’s senate campaign for his firing.


My thoughts on it are screw you AW.  You were given a live mic and you make a joke about rape victims.  Just stop and think about that for a second.  You made a joke about women being raped and you want to blame everyone else for it?  You got to stick around for two more weeks after that and now you’re blaming WWE for firing you?  Any company would have fired you for that.

He mentions the Attitude Era and how that would have made it ok.  While it’s not the Attitude Era, I would give you two words: Katie Vick.  That was similar to this yet it was on video.  Was that ok?  No, it’s one of the most bashed segments in WWE history.  There even was an implied rape when HHH drugged and married Stephanie.  Was that ok?  No, it wasn’t, but you know what else?  That was HHH that said it and it was in a storyline.

AW was a low level guy who had been on TV for like 4 months in this run and hadn’t done a thing.  He got fired because he said something stupid and offensive.  That’s life.  He screwed up and was punished for it and now he’s whining about what he did wrong because for some reason he can’t be held accountable for what comes out of his mouth on live television.  I have zero problem with him getting released and I find his rant and complaining about something like this to be pitiful.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Actually, AW owes Kobe Bryant an apology because Kobe Bryant was falsely accused and AW was libeling Kobe Bryant with that statement. A false accuser is NOT a “victim” but rather is a criminal who sadly usually isn’t prosecuted (which puts more men at risk of false accusations). The woman who accused Kobe Bryant of rape should be in jail and should have gotten the same sentence Kobe would have gotten if he was convicted.

    Still, I don’t think AW should have gotten fired for saying what he did. He should have received education about the problem of false rape accusations and been advised to be careful what he says in the future.

    I don’t see anything wrong with a generic joke about rape (or any other crime) that doesn’t repeat accusations that have been proven to be false. The problem with what AW said was that some people watching WWE might actually believe that Kobe Bryant is a rapist (especially if they are fans of a team that is rivals with the Lakers). There’s nothing wrong with a joke if it doesn’t libel somebody. I’m sick and tired of this witchhunt to find more sacrifices for the altar of the PC cult. People shouldn’t lose their jobs because they offend a bunch of intolerant fanatics who get offended by just about everything (those scum are the left-wing equivalent of the Parents Television Council). Those zealots who hate free speech need to either learn to be tolerant of opinions they disagree with or just do the rest of us a favor and leave this country.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    It’s not a witchhunt. They had a person that said something offensive and the company fired him for it. Saying something like this behind the scenes is one thing but when five million people are watching it is a different story. Also I can’t imagine most people even remembered the incident in the first place. He was fired because WWE was getting heat for it and it wasn’t worth it to keep him. There’s nothing wrong with that as it’s business.

  2. Jay says:

    THANK U KB. Now go tell this to all the idiots whining about this situation. I have been saying this since yesterday like you did. If you say something like AW did at your Job what do u think is going to happen? Your ass is gonna get fired no questions asked. The guy was given a Live Mic and said the worst thing anyone could say. He’s not even a Wrestler anyway nor has he had any Matches that ive heard about. Now he wants to blame anyone he can because he opened his fat mouth and made a stupid remark.

    KB can I buy you a Drink and shake your hand?