Better Heel: HHH in 2000 or DiBiase in 1987/1988?

I’m watching a Raw from 2000 and I’m amazed at how good HHH is at being evil.  He gets a lot of flack for his stuff in 2002 and 2003, but when he’s on, sweet goodness is he on.  This got me thinking.I’ve often said that DiBiase is the greatest heel of all time and I still say that, but was HHH in 2000 even better?  It didn’t last as long, but man alive was it great.  I honestly can’t pick which I think is better, but which do you think was better?  Do you think someone was better at it?  The only other I can think of would be Hogan in the original NWO days.


  1. Lowdown says:

    I think DiBiase was the better heel. He just drew heat by his very presence. Trips was the man back in 2000, and one advantage I’ll give him in comparison to DiBiase is that he had more of a vicious side to him in his attitude, which was fitting for the era.

  2. Wayne says:

    Can I go with a “tie” on this one, since both were equally great, imo, lol??

  3. Stormy says:

    The thing that I would give HHH the edge on is that in the Attitude Era you had to do more to be evil. The top faces all had heelish attitudes. Steve Austin would drink, swear, and belittle his opponents. Back in the 80’s that would make you evil, but instead it made him the biggest Face in the company. The Rock was the same, albeit without the drinking.

    During the Attitude Era, Ted DiBiase’s character would probably be cheeered doing things like kicking the ball from under a kid.

  4. AttitudeFan says:

    Triple H easily. Dude got fucking death threats in 2000 from angry fans.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    People were trying to attack DiBiase in his matches in 88.