Summerslam 2012 Preview

It’s Summerslam time and honestly I barely care after this lackluster build.  Let’s get to it.We’ll start with the matches of course.

For the preshow I’ll take Santino to retain in some wacky manner.  It should go to Cesaro to just give him something to do but they’re pushing Cesaro too hard to have him win here.


On to the main card, I’ll go with Bryan over Kane.  Bryan hasn’t won a singles match in months but yet he doesn’t need to win at all.  I’ll go with him because there is no reason to have Kane win at all here.


Ziggler over Jericho due to the word on the street being that Jericho is done after Sunday.


Miz to retain I guess but honestly does anyone care at all here?


Hopefully the Prime Time PLayers take the tag belts as Kofi and Truth are some of the lamest champions I can remember in a long time, which is saying something for the freaking tag team titles.


Sheamus over Del Rio with a possible cash in for Ziggler.  I really hope they don’t put it on Del Rio and then have Ziggy cash in.  That move drives me crazy.


For the main events, I’m hoping for Punk to retain but Big Show being in there would point to Cena walking out with the title.


For the real main event that hopefully won’t go on last, it has to be Lesnar.  I mean… HAS TO BE Lesnar……right?


Overall, this is one of the weakest looking Summerslams I can remember in a very long time.  The world title match is dragged down by a combination of Big Show and Punk seeming to have no idea if he’s a face or a heel.  At the end of the day, Rock continues to loom over this company but at least now there’s an open spot to face him at the Rumble.  Other than that, we have Lesnar vs. HHH in a feud that has almost no heat on it because it was started and then not mentioned again for three months before Shawn turned into a scared coward and Lesnar turned into every other cowardly heel that runs from a fight on the roster despite running over JOHN FREAKING CENA like he wasn’t there.  But hey, it makes HHH look more feared and if anyone needs the extra boost, it’s HHH.




  1. Wayne says:

    I feel on paper the card looks very good, but the actual buildup left a lot to be desired. Personally I’m not anticipating the show that much either. I hope they don’t put the title on Cena, and it should be left on Punk. Not even sure if I care who wins between Sheamus and Del Rio, BUT, if it leads to a Ziggler MITB cash in, I would be ok with that (as long as it’s on Sheamus). They’ve all but gave me little reason to care about HHH vs. Lesnar, and it seems like the heat for that match was stronger back in 2002 than now, and adding Shawn Michaels to it (my favorite wrestler of all time) did NOTHING at all. Don’t even get me started on the go home shows, as they did nothing to sell me on buying this show either.

  2. Jay says:

    I am looking forward to Summerslam and I will be watching on PPV tomorrow night. My Picks are,

    Brock Lesnar

    CM Punk Retains the WWE Title

    Sheamus Retains the World Heavyweight Title (Ziggler Cashes In MITB)

    Chris Jericho

    Daniel Bryan

    Miz Retains the IC Title

    PTP win the Tag Titles

    Santino Retains the US Title