Articles from August 2012

I Want To Talk A Little Bit About The WWE Gimmick Assembly Line

Back in 1908, the Ford Motor Company began manufacturing a car called the Model T. The idea behind it was simple: use the same format on an assembly line to mass produce affordable automobiles. It was a smash hit and became the standard method used for designing cars that is still used today. All of […]

Monday Night Raw – November 16, 1998: Austin vs. Rock For The Title

Monday Night Raw Date: November 16, 1998 Location: Rupp Arena, Lexington, Kentucky Attendance: 17,610 Commentators: Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler So the YouTube channel I use to get house shows from has been shut down by the user so it’s back to Raw for me. On top of that, this is the show that I had […]

Smackdown – August 24, 2012: Smackdown Is Actually Worse Than Raw Right Now

Smackdown Date: August 24, 2012 Location: Rabobank Arena, Bakersfield, California Commentator: Michael Cole We’re past Summerslam and Sheamus is still the champion. He kept the title by pinning Del Rio, but there was some controversy at the end as Del Rio had his foot on the ropes. Then on Raw, Alberto got pinned by Orton, […]

Thought of The Day: The Times They Are A Escalating

In the fall, WWE is going to be debuting a new weekly TV show called The Main Event.  When that happens, there are going to be 8 and a half hours of free TV from WWE every week.  On that scale, WWE would have more TV aired on free TV in approximately five weeks than […]

Impact Wrestling – August 23, 2012: Man There’s Just No End To These Guys

Impact Wrestling Date: August 23, 2012 Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida Commentators: Mike Tenay, Tazz Tonight is another Open Fight Night and the main draw of the show is that at the beginning, we’re going to have Aces and 8’s vs. Sting and company. Other than that we’re likely to have a title match as […]

NXT – August 22, 2012: They’ve Made Me Want To See The Title Match

NXT Date: August 22, 2012 Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida Commentators: Byron Saxton, William Regal So I had the whole intro written about how great it was that the title tournament ended tonight and how great it was to see something like that finally happen on NXT. Then I started watching the show […]

Thought Of The Day: You Never Know What You’re Going To Get

I went to my first Raw in June 2009.  On that night, The Miz was on the show.

Regarding Clair Lynch, Real Name Julia Reilly

Note that this contains spoilers for this week’s Impact so if you do not want to be surprised by it, do not read this until after Thursday’s show.

WCW Saturday Night – August 21, 1993: 40 Minutes Of Sting Vs. Flair. I’m Sold.

WCW Saturday Night Date: August 21, 1993 Location: Center Stage Theater, Atlanta, Georgia Attendance: 750 Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Jesse Ventura This was my first request via Twitter. I don’t usually do Saturday Night but the few I’ve done have gone pretty well. This is less than a month before Fall Brawl 93 so we have […]

Thought Of The Day: It’s The Little Things

I was watching a Flair match and he put his feet on the ropes on a cover.  It wasn’t the end of the match, it wasn’t a plot point, it was nothing more than a regular cover.  However, it got the fans to boo him louder and cheer for his opponent more.  Flair did that […]