No Surrender 2012 Preview

I don’t even remember last year’s show so hopefully this one has a bit of a bigger….ahem….Impact on me.Getting the unimportant ones out of the way, I’ll take Zema and Tessmacher to retain.


Magnus winning over Van Dam is all that makes sense so we’ll go with that.  I’m actually giving TNA a chance with logic here.  Don’t screw me over.


Tag titles will stay on Daniels and Kaz.  Angle is legit injured so expect AJ to do most of the work, which is fine.


Aries will take out the Aces and 8’s guy.  That should be obvious.


Now for the real meat of the show: the BFG Series matches.


I think it comes down to Storm vs. Joe with Joe taking it.  There’s really no wrong answer here but Joe vs. Aries has been talked about as the main event of BFG.  Ray is a possibility with the new deal that may or may not have been signed, but I can’t see it happening.  Hardy is the guy you have to have in there but who doesn’t seem very likely to me at all.


Overall, this show is one that won’t need to be seen but should be a decent show anyway.  Nothing really happens here as it’s a build up to BFG which is fine, but it does make for less drama outside of the final three BFG Series matches.  The show should be fun though, which is what TNA is doing best right now.



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  1. Jay says:

    Minus the BFG Matches I am really dreading this PPV. It just seems thrown together at the last minute without any real thought behind it. That being said I am taking Bully Ray or James Storm to win the BFG Series. Other Matches,

    Austin Aries (please),RVD,Daniels/Kaz,Tessmacher,and Zema Ion.