Night of Champions 2012 Preview

The show is tomorrow and it feels like we could spend another month building it up.Starting with the preshow and the match that it sets up, there’s no way to know what’s going on.  The obvious answer is it depends on who wins the battle royal, and since we don’t know who’s in the battle royal, there’s no way to know who is getting the shot and therefore if I think they’ll win.  My guess is that it’ll be Kidd or Brodus and I can’t see Kidd getting the title.  Brodus……I can’t quite see that either but the match would be a tossup.  Other options would be Christian or Big Show but I can’t see it being the Canadian.  If it’s Show…..yeah they’d likely give him the belt.


Kane and Bryan winning the tag titles is the only logical ending to the tag title match.  There is zero reason to have Kofi and Truth keep the titles while Kane and Bryan are doing the most entertaining stuff in the company by miles and miles.  If there’s anything that should be a layup for the bookers, it’s this.


As for the IC Title, the usual way of thinking would say Miz retains the title because he sneaks in and steals the pin, but for some reason I don’t see that happening. Cody winning the title and setting up a mask vs. title match against either Rey or Cara would work fine, or either masked guy could take the title.  It would possibly give the fans a reason to care about Cara, but I don’t think it would do much good.  Rey has no need for the thing other than to feud with Cody more, but I think if it’s going to change it goes to Cody.  Odds are it’ll stay with Miz though and that’s probably the right idea.  One other thing: I love the combination of the title and the established feud.  That’s an old school booking move and the current product could use more of those techniques.


Kaitlyn vs. Layla.  The coin came up heads so we’ll say Layla retains.


Ziggler vs. Orton.  This is one of those matches I’m not sure where they’re going.  Orton is leaving to film the movie so he doesn’t need the win, but at the same time Ziggler is Mr. MITB which means he’s hardly ever allowed to win a major match.  My instinct would be that Ziggler wins andtakes Orton out somehow so Orton can go film the movie and then perhaps Ziggler wins the title in the meantime, setting up a rematch later on for the title.

I’ve been watching wrestling for a very long time and honestly I can’t think of a world title feud that interests me less than Sheamus vs. Del Rio.  Sheamus is one of my favorite guys but sweet goodness this feud isn’t doing anything for anyone.  Del Rio is such a boring and uninteresting character and he’s lost clean(ish) to Sheamus every single time.  What in the world is the point in seeing this AGAIN?  Yeah Sheamus can’t use the Brogue Kick, but he has like 3 other finishers so it doesn’t mean much at all.  Sheamus to retain and PLEASE let that be the final time these two fight ever again.
That leaves the main event with Punk vs. Cena and they really could go either way with this.  At the end of the day, Punk is living in Cena’s shadow and it’s driving him crazy.  ALl roads lead to January and the Rumble match with Rock, which likely sets up the rematch with Cena at Mania 29.  Based on that, I’ll go with Punk to retain here, but I don’t know if he’ll survive all the way until January.  Either way the reign isn’t lasting until my birthday in February.  Punk to retain but not by much.


Overall, this is a show that has the potential to be good on paper but the build for it hasn’t quite worked.  The whole company is running at half speed at the moment and they need a shot in the arm.  The stories aren’t bad but they’re not doing a good job of making people care.  It’s like they’re running with an anchor and they need something good to light a fire under them.  Maybe that’s this show.


  1. Jay says:

    I think NOC will be solid PPV again this year. I am going to HIAC next month which im looking forward to seeing the Cell in person. My picks for NOC are,

    John Cena (maybe),Sheamus with Ziggler cashing in MITB,Randy Orton,Miz,Antonio Cesaro,Team Friendship,Katilyn,and Zack Ryder wins the Battle Royal on the Pre-Show.

  2. Mike says:

    I’ve heard Orton will still be appearing on Raw throughout the filming process, fwiw.