Thought Of The Day: Why Are You Doing That?

This is something that occurs to me a lot lately and something WWE is very bad at: everything that is done should be to either make you want to watch the TV show or make you want to buy the PPV.  That’s the point of the company: they should be trying to make you want to see more and preferably to make you want to pay to see it.  Instead, it seems to be to do whatever whim the company is on at the moment.  Instead things seem to be about pushing whatever their latest endeavor is to get them publicity.  It’s like they’re focusing on everything but their in ring product if that makes sense.  How many times do you see the company pushing the in ring product or a future match on the show?  Now on the other hand, how many times do you hear something pushed that is about hearing something else about the product?  As in hearing about Twitter, Tout, Facebook, the App etc.  As in you’re not hearing about the product, but about something that is about the product.  That seems to be counter productive to me.


  1. dude_d_dude says:

    Why should they bother when there are hundreds of thousands of fans who will tune in each and every week regardless. They probably think there’s really no incentive to do it because they know they’ll get millions of viewers for every RAW and Smackdown. But then they wonder why the PPV buys don’t improve, it’s the same people buying them over and over, they aren’t really expanding their audience I find.

  2. Jay says:

    Well KB all I can say is the Social Media stuff isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. We better get use to it is all I can tell you. To be honest I think its not as in our faces as it was in the beginning,im ok with Tout being used to further Storylines like Sheamus did with ADR’s Car or David Otunga saying he would bring up the Brogue Kick situation. To me Im fine with it as long as they don’t go to overboard with it.