CM Punk Has Altercation With Fan At Raw

There are so many videos out there already that I’m not going to bother to put one here because there’s bound to be something new by the time it’s up.  The general consensus seems to be that Punk was touched in the crowd and possibly hit in the back so he turned around and nailed someone who may or may not have been the person that touched him.


While it’s too early to know anything for sure about it, any thoughts/news on this?  Feel free to post any videos you have of it that are good.


  1. Rocko says:

    Funny how Vince had to ignore it.

  2. Mando>Eddie says:

    This video shows it plain as day — totally nails the dude in the face.

  3. Mike says:

    Imagine if an athlete in a real sport did this.

  4. dude_d_dude says:

    I’ve seen a few vids from different angles, Punk was shoved twice and then the third time I struck back. At first I thought Punk was being a dumbass for just beating on fans but after seeing him get shoved I can’t blame him, you don’t shove wrestlers like that.

    Mike Reply:

    He was shoved twice by different people, the person he hit was actually someone that looked to have bumped Punk in the head accidently.

    dude_d_dude Reply:

    Thats true actually, wonder what’ll happen now

  5. Jay says:

    Fan acted like a total moron,Fans should keep their hands to themselves.

    Mike Reply:

    Yeah, Punk was TOTALLY justiied. Idiot.

    Mike Reply:

    *Justified. Nothing like calling somebody an idiot while making an error yourself.