What Happens In The Cell?

Ryback vs. Punk in the Cell for the title is the main event of HIAC.  That opens a lot of doors.At the end of the day, I can’t imagine Punk not being champion at the Rumble to face Rock.  Now the question is will he be champion the entire way through the next few months?  This is where the Cell becomes an issue, because otherwise the answer would be Ryback destroys Punk but Punk walks out and leaves the arena to save the title in fear.  The Cell stops that from being an option, so the question is what do they do now?


The only thing I can see happening is Lesnar running in and attacking Ryback, setting up a match between them at TLC or the Rumble.  if Ryback is going to lose in there, he has to lose by an inch and due to every method of cheating, illegal tactics, interference, and whatever else you can think of.  Oh wait that can’t happen because it’s the Cell.  Gee, MAYBE IT’S A FREAKING BAD IDEA TO HAVE THE CELL GUARANTEED WHEN YOU HAVE NO IDEA IF THE MATCH YOU WANT CAN HAPPEN IN IT!  EVER THOUGHT OF THAT VINCE???


Anyway, the more I think about it, the more I think Ryback wins the title and then loses it in another gimmick match likely involving Punk and Cena at TLC.  I mean, they wouldn’t do Rock vs. Ryback………….would they?


There’s one thing I’m sure of: I honestly do not know what is going to happen at TLC and I can’t even lean one way or another.  That happens very rarely in WWE and I LOVE it.




  1. Eric says:

    TLC at the Barclay Center is going to be sweet,but I’m guessing you meant HIAC hehe.

    I agree though, it’s nice to have this type of feeling. Plus, have you heard the pops for Ryback? It’s not out of place for him to be there because the fans have bought into him. That’s a really good sign as it seems the WWE has built a star the fans have gotten behind.

  2. Jay says:

    I could actually see Ryback winning the Title at HIAC for some shock value but maybe Punk wins it back at Survivor Series. Im fine with him getting the Title shot and Cena taking some time off to heal some more.

    The Match should be fun IMO and I will be there to see it.

  3. Keith hall says:

    Well…knowing what we know now, should they have kept the belt on Punk here? Or should he have dropped it to Ryback?

    Greg Reply:

    Ryback should have won. Would have changed his whole career

    klunderbunker Reply:

    This. You can put the title back on Punk a month later but Ryback losing killed him.,