Not A Great Comedy/Gimmick Match Idea

Watching Survivor Series 2001’s battle royal and this came to me:In the NWA/WCW, if you threw someone over the top rope it was an automatic DQ.  In a battle royal, you had to throw someone over the top and out to the floor to eliminate them.  What would happen in a battle royal where you could only be eliminated by throwing someone over the top rope for a DQ?


It could never happen you say?  Well Russo came up with a battle royal where the idea was to get into the ring instead of staying out.  Is this that much of a stretch?


  1. Jay says:

    Russo’s idea of a Battle Royal was stupid and should have never made its way onto to TV. However it did and we will unfortunately never forget it. Could you really even call that a Battle Royal?

  2. noahconstrictor says:

    I think the IDEA of a reverse battle royal is actually really cool, the implementation of it was just so bad that I don’t think it could be done again.

    I think the real problem here is that Russo was so strapped for an original gimmick match. Seriously, try coming up with a new gimmick match. I can’t honestly think of a new gimmick match.