Thought of the Day: Lie To Me WWE! Lie To Me!

This is another sign of the times and it’s something else where they need to take the lead from old school.So I’m watching Survivor Series 2002 and there’s a backstory about Victoria vs. Trish.  The story goes that they used to be fitness models together and Trish abandoned Victoria.  This alone sets up a story for the PPV match.  Notice what they did here: they MADE THE STORY UP.  This is something you rarely see anymore.  Today, most feuds are about wanting to challenge the champion and are very based in reality.  I get enough real life in real life.  When I watch wrestling, I like things being over the top instead of down to earth.  Make up some stories.  Tell me about Kane getting burned alive or Undertaker being a demon or something these guys did before they got to the WWE.  In short, LIE TO ME.

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  1. NightShiftLoser says:

    This came up as the “Random Review”, and it’s cool to see this, at the same time I’m seeing what Lucha Underground is doing. I wish WWE would pick up on it, but that’s so crazy it might just work!