Thought of the Day: The Jackhammer

No this isn’t about Vince McMahon’s sexual abilities in case you were thinking about it for some reason.  If you were, I beg of you to seek help.Why has no one used the Jackhammer as a finisher since Goldberg?  It’s a good power move but you only occasionally see it used in the middle of a match.  Goldberg hasn’t wrestled in eight and a half years, so why not use it?  It would be a good power move for someone instead of all of the neckbreakers and face first slams we get anymore.

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  1. BK201 says:

    It’s interesting when you think that no-one uses his finisher as a finisher, and yet we’ve seen Edge, Batista, Lashley, Big Show, Christian, Bo Dallas (just to name a few) use one of his signature’s as a finisher; the spear. Which, when a big guy hit’s it, is great, but guys like Edge just don’t fit it.

    The Jackhammer is a cool move though. Maybe someone like Big E. Langston from NXT would be a good utilizer of it? Then again, could WWE be afraid of ANOTHER wrestler inheriting the dreaded ‘Goldberg’ chants?