I’m Going To England

Leaving tomorrow, back on the 20th of November.  Therefore I won’t be having live reviews up of shows until a few days late at least.  However, I have a HUGE backlog of PPVs and TV shows that I can put up and I’ll have all of the Survivor Series Redos up so there will certainly be new content up (almost) every day.  I’ll be looking at the results of every show and I’ll put up some quick thoughts about each.  I’ll be missing:

November 8 – Impact

November 11 – Turning Point

November 12 – Raw

November 14 – NXT

November 15 – Impact

November 16 – Smackdown

November 18 – Survivor Series

November 19 – Raw


Then I’ll be back and playing catchup over Thanksgiving.  Remember to keep coming back while I’m gone though because there WILL be new content up (almost) every day.


Thanks for being around


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