Thought of the Day: Referees Used In Storylines

Given the recent storyline of Brad Maddox, this got me to thinking.  Do you like the use a referee in a storyline?To me, it’s hard because other than a crooked one, there isn’t much of a storyline you can use for them.  They tend to be best kept in the background, as they’re supposed to be impartial instead of interfering in an angle.  A crooked referee can work, but as with anything else they need to be used sparingly.  I wasn’t a fan of Maddox, as most of the story is based around him going into business for himself, and his mere existence in the match is a plot hole.




  1. noahconstrictor says:

    I think that the twin referee storyline that happened with DiBiase was a great example of how you CAN use referees besides just a simple “OMG I’m so crooked I helped a bad guy” thing.

  2. Vertex says:

    Well, “Little naitch” comes to mind…