Turning Point 2012 Preview

I know it’s almost show time but I can still get this up before the show.

For the world title, I’ll go with Hardy to retain in a pretty obvious result.  This is the definitive match for Hardy to prove he’s better than Aries and it should be awesome.


In the triple threat, I’m picturing Roode pinning AJ.  The worst possible thing they could go with is Storm losing the fall, as he’s already been labeled as a choker over and over again.  Taking him away from the title picture for another year is just a bad move.  If you have a face champion, a heel challenger is a good thing.  Storm needs the title again eventually and BFG 2013 is WAY too far away for that to happen.


The tag champions will likely retain, which they shouldn’t because they’re dull with the belts but why should that stop TNA from pushing Chavo I guess.


In my prediction based on a gut instinct that will go wrong, Joe loses to Magnus.


Angle over D-Von.  Seriously, it’s D-Von.


Joey Ryan should win the X Title if they want to push him and I think they do so he wins here.


Flip a coin on the mixed tag: Tara and Jesse win.  Please break up ODB and Eric after this.  Please.


Doc over Park due to interference.


On paper, Turning Point looks like a top heavy card.  Once you get past the big matches though, you’ve got some DUMB ideas going on.  At the end of the day, Aces and 8’s are represented by Luke Gallows and D-Von and they’re facing former world champions.  Why would I buy either of these matches as being interesting?  The show should be good, but they need to go somewhere with the bikers already, and that means a leader.  It’s been WAY too long without a boss or a purpose being revealed.



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