Thought of the Day – Heyman and Lawler’s Heart Attack

So apparently on Raw (the reviews are coming.  Calm down) Heyman mocked Lawler for having a heart attack.  Why are people freaking out over this?Do you honestly believe Jerry Lawler wasn’t in on this the entire time and could have crushed this at anytime?  Watch some old Memphis stuff and tell me what happened on Raw isn’t tame.  Also, see what happens when WWE goes more adult like so many people are screaming for them to do?  “THAT’S TOO FAR!  HAVE SOME TASTE!”  It’s almost like wrestling fans have no idea what they want and just go along with talking points.


  1. The Killjoy says:

    Didn’t Lawler himself make a crack about it when the ambulance showed up? “Oh, look. There’s my ride.” Or something like that. At least I read it somewhere. Knowing Lawler, he set up the jokes himself. He made a crack about something giving Brother Love a heart attack back when Bruce Pritchard got his.

  2. Jay says:

    Its been reported too that this was in the works weeks ago. King,CM Punk,Heyman,and Foley all signed off on it. I was totally fine with it and not offended at all by it. Wrestling Fans today are such hypocrites because they have been clamoring for a Return to TV-14/Attitude type style of WWE. We get something like it this week and they still moan about it. What more can WWE do when they push the envelope people are still not happy. I don’t get it.