Survivor Series 2012 Quick Thoughts

I haven’t gotten to watch the show yet but I’m hoping to have that up by Wednesday at the latest.From what I can tell, the show was as dull as I expected it to be.  Sheamus vs. Show is happening again apparently, Ryback of course gets screwed out of the title, and the newly face Miz loses.  What in the world was the point of turning him in the first place?  Second of all, why were Foley and Ziggler feuding at all?  Other than that, there’s nothing at all going on with this show that I can tell and it was a way to fill in time until we get to the Rumble.  That’s what drives me crazy about WWE right now: this stuff is all just filling in time until we get to Rock winning the title from Punk.  They’re putting the ceiling on the world title picture and that’s just flat out stupid.  Fired up about Ryback?  WELL SCREW YOU!  Because Punk has to hold the title for over a year before he faces Rock because for some reason we’re supposed to care more that way.


All in all, Survivor Series seems to suck.  I’m shocked.


  1. ajrodz says:

    well you obviously didnt watch the show,because it was great,every match was good and the ending was awesome.

    ryback is NOT ready for the wwe championship and he’s proven it in both of his championship matches, after show and sheamus end their feud(which has delivered great matches) i fully expect ryback to win the world heavyweight championship. and who cares if they are filling time how do you not want to see cm punk vs rock?

    joe Reply:

    i think this guy above me is gay and dose not know nothing about wwe go buy some ppv and wen you have watched every thing from the begging of wwf to wwe then come bk nd get hard

  2. ajrodz says:

    im just gunna ignore that idiot,i love your review’s k.b,just didnt agree with you on this.

  3. Mike R. says:

    Why should anybody with half a brain care about Ryback after this? He’s 0 for 2 in title matches while the entire idea of the character is that he WINS. I know wrestling bookers aren’t exactly brilliant, but the development of Ryback should have been a layup

  4. chris says:

    Wait so Ryback doesn’t win the title and you think his character is dead? He can and will be built up for a title match in the future. I’m glad they didn’t give him the title, He’s not ready and to just shoe horn him into it before he’s ready could ruin him.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    He’s lost twice in a row after getting shot to the moon. But hey, if there’s one thing people love more than a winner, it’s a guy who wins some of the time and loses some of the time. That seems to be the motto of WWE anymore at least.

    Mike R. Reply:

    How exactly could giving Ryback the title have ruined him?

  5. Jay says:

    Survivor Series was good KB. Punk/Cena/Ryback was good and the ending was awesome,I won’t spoil it for you. Both Survivor Series Matches were good,Big Show/Sheamus was almost as good as last month.

  6. chris says:

    Where does he go once he wins it? do you pair him up against the rock? Even though they have spent all this time building up punk vs rock. I agree he shouldn’t be losing, but he shouldn’t be in the title picture anyway.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    That’s the point. With the way things are going now with Rock being in the title match at the Rumble, there’s nowhere for them to go with anyone other than Punk or Cena, and that’s stupid.