Thought of the Day: Stop Counting

Sometimes it’s so simple that it eludes people.Throughout the history of wrestling, we’ve had people like Harley Race, Flair and Hogan who have ridiculous amounts of world title reigns (8, 16 and 12 respectively).  In the regional area, you have guys like Nick Dinsmore with 10 OVW Titles, Bulldog Bob Brown with 18 Central States Titles, and Jerry Lawler with an insane 80 (yes EIGHTY) Memphis Heavyweight Titles. Today, you have guys like Cena with 12, Orton with 9 and HHH with 13.


What’s one of the main difference?  Today you have these numbers pounded into your head.  Watch old Memphis stuff and you NEVER hear the amount of title reigns Lawler has and the same is true of Dinsmore in OVW.  Today though, you hear about how Cena is a 12 time world champion every time he’s on screen.  When you hear that number so many times, it takes away the appeal of the next title change.  I know you can realize that someone has won that many titles before, but not hearing it over and over again could help a lot.


  1. Bud says:

    Hey KB, I think I have read all of your reviews, many multiple times over the last couple years, very enjoyable. Don’t always agree with you but always respect your opinion. I totally agree. In my opinion this is the totality of the WWE’s problem. The changes they need to make to improve the product are not that drastic. The wrestling is actually pretty good, on PPV anyway. Some where along the way they decided to have multiple rewinds on every show, stupid comedy sketches or backstage segments which often aren’t funny or good for adults or children, an opening segment that takes up fifteen minutes to establish a repetitive tag team or singles (seriously let’s get some different matchups), or the constant repetitive nature of the announcers whether it’s twitter, tout, title reigns, bullshit names for guys, not gimmicks just names, the viper, the apex predator and so on and so on. They have some talent, it’s just time for not even fresh ideas just use some of the different old ones. No more main event tag team matches ever, unless they are actually tag teams.

  2. Bud says:

    And schedule a main event earlier than the first ten minutes of an event. How about build a match that is going to be on RAW. I can’t remember the last time that happened.