TNA Cutting Back On PPVs

This seems to be the news at the moment, as there doesn’t appear to be an Against All Odds next year, and they’ll be going from Genesis in January to Lockdown in March.  No word yet on the rest of the schedule.  As for what I think about this…..It’s the right move.  A lot of TNA PPVs are there for the sake of being there, and you can see how weak a lot of the cards on the B shows are.  Cutting down to 4-7 PPVs a year would be fine instead of one a month is the right move here.  WWE has the roster to pull this off at the moment, but with just two hours a week of TV, having a three hour PPV a month is probably too much for them to pull off.




  1. srch says:


    TNA needed this move badly. TNA seems to have move to hyping Impact instead of PPV’s and that is the right choice. As we now TNA is a private company and we don’t get to see what their buying numbers are, but you got to assume that outside their big 3 (Lookdown, Slammiversary and BFG) the figures are pretty low.

    Booking wise this is the right idea as well. BFG and slammiversary felt like huge show this year because they built them as such. WWF during the attitude era moved to monthly ppv’s because they had huge main event draws. You had a combination of Austin/Rock/Taker/HHH Mankind when needed and later Angle/Jericho to an extent. A pair of those guys were enough to justify a PPV. Let’s not pretend like their midcard matches (prior to the Radicals jumping) were awesome technical matches. Instead they were matches driven by raunchy angles and over gimmicks (Road dogg, the godfather,Val vVenis etc.)

    Unfortunately today TNA doesn’t have enough drawing main eventers to justify monthly PPV’s
    Hardy- By far their biggest draw. Not only is he a danger holding the belt, he is will also be probably gone by this time next year.
    Sting: Second biggest draw, how long can he still wrestle and not make the company look like a retirement fed instead of the alternative to wwe
    Angle- Their best wreslter/draw man. He can’t carry the main event scene by himself
    Then you have a combination of roode/Stor,/AJ/Aries who are their closest thing to home made draws but many at times the crowd reactions to them *outside of the impact zone) leaves alot to be desired. The midcard is in even worse condition. When Robbie E gets shot after shot @ your midcard belt, you know your midcard division is in shambles

    TL;DR Thank you god, TNA was in dire need of this move

    PS. WWE needs to go into In your house type of shows too. Get rid of the stupid gimmick PPV’s

  2. The Killjoy says:

    The only way I could accept this is if all of TNA’s 2013 PPV’s are out of Orlando.

    Just what was the loss of making PPV’s in there anyway? They basically served as another Impact with extra money from buys.