Final Resolution 2012 Preview

I forgot this show existed until I saw someone talking about it on the forums.Roode has no chance of winning the title.  Hardy wins a good match with something likely being set up for next month as well.


The story would suggest that Daniels wins, but would you bet against AJ when he’s fighting the Fallen Angel?  I’m certainly not going to do so.


If you can’t see that Garrett and Wes are joining Aces and 8’s soon, you fail as a wrestling fan.  The bikers win the match, but at worst they’ll win the post match stuff.


I’ll go with Ray to win the match against Aries, if nothing else to give his feud with Hogan more momentum.


Van Dam keeps the title.


Mickie wins as well, setting up a feud with Velvet.


Finally we’ve got the tag titles.  Flip a coin and it’s new champions.


Based on how short this is, you can tell how much I care about this show.  Of the seven matches on the card, three of them were finalized on Thursday, two of those being big matches (8 man tag and Aries vs. Ray) and the third being a title match.  There’s nothing on this show that interests me, which is why it sounds good to have some of these B shows eliminated.  It’s clear that this show is happening because you have to have one PPV a month.  The stories just aren’t there and there’s very little interest in the show from me.  The matches will likely wind up being good but it’s one of those shows I won’t remember in about two days.




  1. james gracie says:

    Agreed with you on eliminating ppv’s and am glad they will do so. Also, Hardy is keeping the title til Lockdown as he is on the poster. April is when his contract expires and TNA should resign him because of all the merchandise he brings in. But if he goes to WWE, then at least all the hypocritical fans who bash Hardy now, yet will praise him when he goes to WWE, will be outed.

  2. Jay says:

    I see Jeff Hardy keeping the Title tonight and maybe at least till March. I kinda hope he does go back to WWE for one more run,Id love to see him pick up his Feud with CM Punk if he does. The rest Aces/Eights and I see Garrett & Brisco joining them to the shock of nobody,Bully Ray,RVD keeps his Title,same with Chavo/Hernandez,Bully Ray,and im taking Mickie to win the KO Title.