Thought of the Day: They Never Learn

WWE is horrible about this and you can see it in their TV schedule for the end of the year.December 24: 3 hour Raw

December 31: 3 hour Raw

Who in the world (besides me of course) is going to sit through three hours of Cena and AJ segments ON CHRISTMAS EVE and the night before the new year?  This is the kind of a night a “Best Of” show is for.  If nothing else, why would you do this when most of your alleged target audience will be going to bed so Santa can deliver them presents?  Oh well, I’m sure it’ll be Ryback’s fault when they get a 1.7 or so, because clearly airing a three hour show ON CHRISTMAS EVE is a perfectly logical idea.


  1. M.R. says:

    I’m not sure sitting through 3 hours of wrestling is acceptable any night. This madness must end.

  2. Stormy says:

    This is also why I miss having Tribute To The Troops being an episode of RAW.

    They could air Tribute To The Troops Christmas Eve and then either run a RAW or do a best of show New Years Eve.

    I personally would prefer only one of those shows be a non-storyline advancing show, as doing 2 of them in a row could hinder things.