Thought of the Day the Sequel: Cena’s (Kayfabe) Priorities

Anyone that follows my stuff knows I’m relatively neutral on Cena.  I respect his work and think he’s one of the greatest superstars ever,  However lately his character has had some continuity issues.  Note that this is all in kayfabe of course.1. Over the summer, Cena says that Big Show winning the title would be disastrous.  Well Big Show won the Smackdown Title two months ago and Cena doesn’t seem to be running through the streets saying the sky is falling.


2. Last night Cena says how much he respects Flair, but he’s perfectly fine with Shield beating him up.  However, when Ziggler, a guy that beat him clean the night before (no rules means interference is clean) tries to legally cash in a MITB case, Cena runs to the rescue.  Was he in a rousing game of pinball earlier?


  1. That Guy says:

    A non-Cena continuity issue that bugs me is the favour which Heyman owes Barrett for joining Team Punk. Did WWE forget all about that?

    james gracie Reply:

    You’re talking about the WWE booking staff…of course they forgot about it

  2. Your Eternal Reward says:

    Why didn’t Cena let the match start then screw Ziggler over. I mean Big Show did the same to Cena, why not do the same to Dolph?

  3. Si says:

    problem with Cena is there are no consequences.

    He goes into the Mania match with the Rock as if its do or die, he loses and hes the same Cena as before, he chases the WWE title as if its a huge deal, he gets screwed, draws and then decides he’ll let Ryback have the chance…

    the problem I have with Cena is that theres no progression of rammification, if he wins great, if he loses great. what reason is there to care when nothing will alter

  4. chris says:

    There isn’t a reason to care and that’s part of the reason why they are suffering right now. I don’t hate Cena he can bring the goods when he needs to, however I think his time is just over.

    That doesn’t mean he has to disappear completely, he just needs to be less frequent in the main events and the driving force behind the show. It’s someone else turn now