Thought of the Day: From the 1999 Rumble

I’m suffering through this one at the moment and something sticks out.Vince put a bounty on Austin’s head in this match, promising $100,000 to anyone who eliminated him.  My question: why don’t we see that more often?  That’s a really solid idea to set up a feud in the future between two guys or to advance another one they have going at the moment.  The only other instance I can think of since then is HHH promising money to anyone who took out Goldberg.  Why it’s never been done again in the Rumble is beyond me.


  1. Your Eternal Reward says:

    I don’t understand why they didn’t use this during Del Rios feud with Sheamus. Especially after say the first loss. At least it would of been something rather then the storyline progressing over a attack that happened months earlier.

  2. Joe says:

    That is very true. I must admit I do miss these kind of storylines great way to get heat on the heels.

  3. AttitudeFan says:

    You want the answer KB? It is a lack of creativity. The team at creative have millions and millions of possible things to do in a feud but most of the time it is just *heel promo* *heel beatdown to face* *face wins the next 3 PPV matches*

    Heels don’t feel threatening anymore. It doesn’t help that every heel is a coward and “doesn’t want to fight” it was refreshing to have a champion like Henry last year who was a dominant champion. Hell even Big Show is a coward heel character too.