Pope D’Angelo Dinero Done With TNA

According to him.




At the end of the day, he hasn’t done anything of note in years so I can’t say I’ll miss him that much.




  1. Mike says:

    Should have won the title in 2010 during the AJ feud. He was on a run and was HOT with the crowd at the time. He just fizzled out after the AJ loss at Lockdown 2010.

  2. Numbers says:

    I know you werent a fan but I think this is a loss that TNA brought on themselves. Pope had real potential when he joined and I liked his face turn too. They just let it fizzle out.

  3. Frank says:

    TNA will sign almost anyone who was once with WWE, no matter if they have something for them or not. Kind of like the way WCW did.

    Mike Knox and Luke Gallows are prime examples.

    Its a shame because The Pope is very underrated and could have been a big player.