Thought of the Day: How CM Punk Became The Best Heel In Years Last Night While Talking To The Rock

I’ve been saying this for months and last night it finally hit full on.  Punk became a great heel last night becauseHe was delusional.  He went completely over the top and started making absurd claims right in the face of the Rock and it made people boo him.  With him saying stuff like he would have been champion for thirty years in Bruno’s time and saying how he’s the one guy who didn’t sell out, it made him seem completely insane in his ramblings.  This is in contrast to the way he was talking about Cena, when Punk was making perfectly rational claims about how the goalpost kept being moved on him.  Fans were split by that because Punk was talking sense, but now that he’s delusional, booing him made sense.


Why it took seven months to get to this point is beyond me, but at least it finally happened.


  1. Eric says:

    Love ya buddy but you’re way off on this one. If anything, he tried the same old crap with the Tyson Kidd and Brodus Clay stuff and then when the crowd went silent, he tried the delusional stuff. Problem was, he already lost the crowd and they never came back. Heck, their Rock chants were weak so you know they were gone. I know it wasn’t a great crowd to begin with but this was clear evidence that CM Punk is one of the worst main event heels we’ve ever had. A lot of that has to do with the fact that he should have lost the title months ago so he actually had something to gripe about, but he’s been truly awful for months now. It’s not a bad tactic that he tried, but he’s so far gone into mediocrity that he can’t be saved. Last night’s promo was evidence of the level he is on. With Cena and The Rock, you felt like two megastars were clashing. With Punk and Rock, you feel like some emo kid is talking trash to the megastar. He knows he stands no chance but is going to go down swinging because he needs to be heard. At some point last year I thought Punk was closing in on Cena for popularity. Now, he’s nowhere near the discussion and he’s the champ! There’s more to this rant but trust me, Punk running in quicksand.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    I really don’t think I would say the crowd was dead. the pop when Rock came out was excellent and made me jump. As for Punk needing to lose the title earlier, why should he have? The longer it goes, the more he can brag.

    Eric Reply:

    Well, for one thing, ratings are in the toilet and if they go up now, you can thank The Rock, not Punk. Secondly, Punk held the title almost a year when Ryback was as hot as you can get. THAT is when a heel title reign should end. I wasn’t opposed to him getting the title back afterwords to face Rock but it should have ended then. Plus, I think Punk’s character would be greatly improved by losing. Then the whiny stuff makes some sense. I mean, the whole character doesn’t make sense in that he’s whining for respect yet already was champion getting huge pops and selling tons of merchandise.

    I honestly believe that CM Punk asked to turn heel because he thought it would be cooler and because it’s easier. That said, his heel character is incredibly generic and while maybe now he’s becoming delusional which is at least development, he killed interest in himself long ago. Ratings don’t lie and in this day and age, a title reign can’t go on this long. Nobody cares anymore when he loses and that’s a bad thing.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Well of course a guy who is never around is going to draw a rating. That’s why he’s called a special attraction: he’s only around every now and then. If he was around all the time, the ratings would drop eventually again.

    Yeah the title reign should have ended with Ryback if it was going to end then, but the Rock is the reason that it didn’t, not Punk or anything/one else. If they were going to do the Rock match for sure in January, it shouldn’t have ended. If it was going to go on for however long, then it should have ended with Ryback.

    The part about the whiny stuff making sense is the whole point of what I said in the first place: people aren’t going to boo characters that make sense. Look back at the great heels. They were booed because they lied and cheated and claimed they were just better when clearly they weren’t. It’s basic character development. If Honky Tonk Man had said he was cheating and causing himself to lose to keep the title, no one would have cared when he FINALLY lost because he wouldn’t have been as irritating.

    The problem with the ratings is that there’s more to it than the content. No one could keep ratings strong with three hours of Raw a week. It’s too much for most fans to sit through.

    Kobiyashi Reply:

    You say “ratings don’t lie” that’s true, but if you actually looked at the raw ratings breakdown you’d see that Punk’s segments actually gain hundreds of thousands of viewers. People tune in for Punk not out.

  2. chris says:

    Even thou Punk is champion he still hasn’t been the focus of the show for most of the year. So if your going that route Cena is to blame for the ratings fall. Even though it’s not that simple

    Rocko Reply:

    How can you blame the best draw in the WWE for the ratings slump? He is not the reason they fell and I bet he draws more than he loses.

  3. Pugtar says:

    It’s not Punk fault or Cena’s the reason the ratings are crap is because Raw is too long by 10:00 people are drained.

  4. M.R. says:

    No one person is to blame for the ratings slump. Raw has been utter SHIT these past few months.

  5. Mathix says:

    Punk has always been an awesome heel. Not just recently. He was the best bad guy in WWE when he had the SES and the Nexus. He even talks about that in his DVD when he mentions Miz being in the Mania 27 main event. “there wasn’t a better bad guy on the roster than me, no one could convince me it should have been him instead of me. Mania should be the biggest bad guy against the biggest good guy for the championship.” and I full heartedly agree. I know I bash Miz a lot but i still cant believe to this day he main evented Mania (though im sure everyone has forgot now and rightfully so)

  6. Not Jay says: