El Generico Reportedly Signs With WWE



I’m not a big fan of the guy but apparently he’s got a decent following online.  This is more of the international push that WWE is on which isn’t a bad idea at all.  I see no issue with this signing.




  1. Thriller says:

    Is it just the usual indy stuff why you don’t like him? Just out of curiosity.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Just not a fan of his. The usual indy stuff I guess.

  2. The Misson says:

    Dang, WWE has been picking up quite a bit of indy talent lately. I’m honestly shocked by this one though. I always thought El Generico would be the type of guy/character to never get a shot at WWE or TNA and just end up an indy guy for life. Hopefully they give him a character similar to El Generico and don’t just make him a simple generic wrestler.