Question For You Guys

Lately I’ve been posting more stuff about news in wrestling.  I know the name of this place is kbwrestlingreviews, so do you guys want me to keep posting stuff about the news in wrestling as well?  I don’t mean stuff that’s huge, but rather stuff like Rosita and Sarita being gone or Tyson Kidd getting injured and being out for 10-12 months.  It doesn’t take long to put those things up at all and more content is always good for me.  Should I keep doing that or stick with just reviews and major stories?




  1. Blue Chipper says:

    As someone who doesn’t visit wrestling spoiler/news sites, it is practical for me to read it here. So, I say keep doing it.

  2. Not Jay says:

    As long as you continue to review the greatest show on earth…RAW, I’m happy. By the way, how good is RAW!!!!!!

  3. Mayonnaise Warrior says:

    You give your thoughts on the news you post which is better than just copying and pasting, so I say keep on doing it.

  4. M.R. says:

    I’m all for it, would save the time of having to visit the news sites. I’m also under the suspicion half their stories are completely fabricated.

  5. noahconstrictor says:

    Please continue. I love hearing your thoughts about the stuff.