2013 WWE PPV Schedule Released

– Royal Rumble – 1/27/13 – Phoenix, AZ
– Elimination Chamber – 2/17/13 – New Orleans, LA
– WrestleMania – 4/7/13 – East Rutherford, NJ
– Extreme Rules – 5/19/13 – St. Louis, MO
– TBA – 6/16/13 – Chicago, IL
– Money In The Bank – 7/14/13 – Philadelphia, PA
– SummerSlam – 8/18/13 – Los Angeles, CA
– Night Of Champions – 9/15/13 – Detroit, MI
– Over The Limit – 10/6/13 – Buffalo, NY
– Hell In A Cell – 10/27/13 – Miami, FL
– Survivor Series – 11/24/13 – Boston, MA
– TLC – 12/15/13 – Houston, TX


Still 12 shows and only three weeks build for the Chamber, Over the Limit, HIAC and TLC.  I’m not wild on those and Over the Limit still doesn’t need to exist.


  1. Jay says:

    I am hoping for June to be King Of The Ring.

  2. Stormy says:

    I don’t mind the shorter build for the Chamber. All it really is is 2 6-man Main Event matches and 2 or 3 undercard matches (usually a blowoff for another feud or Number 1 Contender for Mania stuff). When 2 hours of your card is something that doesn’t need a ton of buildup (put the champ, who he’s feuding with, and 2 other Main Event feuds together) 3 weeks is a long enough time.

    Also, the Oscars are on the 24th. They aren’t competing with that.

    Thee others you’re 100% correct on. OTL serves no purpose, move HIAC and Survivor Series a week up. Solves all the problems. Have 11 PPVs.

    Or to keep the 12 PPVs, put every PPV between Extreme Rules and OTL 2 weeks earlier and move OTL, HIAC, and Survivor Series one week earlier. Extreme Rules is 6 weeks after Mania. That’s too long.

  3. Jay says:

    How bout move OTL to June and u still have HIAC as the October PPV?

  4. AttitudeFan says:

    Hell In A Cell needs to go. Has there ever even been a solid HIAC show?