Thought of the Day: Rock Last Night

Rock did something that you almost never hear anymore which is more proof that he’s an old school guy.  He did it last week too.Rock constantly says how many days are left until the show.  Not the name of the show, not that it’s a PPV, but WHEN THE SHOW IS.  He lays things out as simply as he can for the fans and that’s how you make people want to buy a show.  At the end of the day, you’re asking the fans to buy your product.  They shouldn’t have to do ANYTHING to find out when and where to get it.  On top of that, this countdown thing is a tried and true way to make people want to see the match and therefore buy the show.  As those numbers get lower, people are going to think that they have to see the match and therefore will put their money down for the Rumble.  That’s called selling a show and it’s a lost art.

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