Thought of the Day: Heels Don’t Cheat Enough

I’ve touched on this before.I was watching a Nitro last night and Alex Wright put his feet on the ropes to cheat.  At Genesis this past week, there were multiple instances where a heel pulled the trunks to win.  Why don’t we see these kind of things more often?  It’s so simple and it’s almost a guaranteed way to make the people boo you, but instead it’s almost always interference or something like that.  In WWE, when is the last time we got a belt shot to the head?  It may be easy heat, but it’s better than no heat.


  1. Martin Gabriel says:

    If heels cheated more often, then you get the reaction that they don’t win cleanly enough.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Heels aren’t supposed to win cleanly. If they did they would be called faces.

    Martin Gabriel Reply:

    Tell that to the rest of the IWC, KB. This guy that I’m friends with on FB always says that it makes the heel look weak if they have to cheat to win and I agree with him.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Telling them by say, posting it on a wrestling website?

  2. Not Jay says:

    Really KB? Giving TNA credit? Come on. I think RAW has a lot of good heels and they are being booked credibly. Ziggler is the man right now. It is a really great time to be a WWE fan.

    By the way, I am still buzzing over last Monday’s RAW. I think it might have been one of the best RAWs in the last 10 years!

  3. chris says:

    heels don’t win cleanly? Are you kidding. Triple H, Cm Punk, heel Austin, have all won matches cleanly. It might be better if most of the heels weren’t treated like clueless idiots. Who can’t win a match even with cheating and or help.

    Thriller Reply:

    He didn’t say that heels don’t win cleanly, he said that they aren’t supposed to win cleanly. Wrestling is good vs. bad, where good is supposed to ultimately come out on top. Heels are the bad guys, by cheating or taking shortcuts they not only generate more heat, but also help keep the idea that the face can come out on top alive. It’s wrestling 101.

    chris Reply:

    That might of worked in 80’s, This is the current era heels can and should win cleanly not all the time, but enough so that they are treated as a threat.

    Thriller Reply:

    If the heels get heat, they’ll be considered a threat. A heel’s job isn’t to win, it’s to make the crowd hate them enough that the face gets that much more crowd support. Winning a match can get them heat, but often it’s not as much as a promo, beat downs, or just good, old fashioned cheating.

  4. The Killjoy says:

    Well belt shots to the head are a no-no in WWE these days. But I believe the lack if cheating falls more on the wrestlers lack of initiative than anything else. At Genesis we saw Devon rip a turnbuckle, Gail Kim pull tights, Kenny King put his feet on the ropes for a pin and Morgan and Ryan switching without tagging. I don’t see that much effort on WWE’s part.