Thought of the Day: More Proof Tag Wrestling Doesn’t Work Anymore

After the big push last year, we’re back down to HELL NO vs. the Scholars again and the same formula that has been used for years now.  At the end of the day, the division isn’t going to last long term and there’s really no way around that.  The TNA tag division is dead again now too with just the champions and apparently a thrown together team of two main eventers.


  1. chris says:

    It’s such a shame, every time a tag team gets some traction going it dies very quickly when they realize there are NO established tag teams to feud with. Even if there are they get fed to the main event guys anyway.

  2. Jay H. says:

    Id still say WWE’s Tag Division still looks better than TNA’s by far. TNA use to have a Tag Division but alas the Hogan Era strikes again. They had The Guns,Dudleyz,Beer Money,British guys,the Rock & Rave guys,Lethal/Creed,etc.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Guns – Won their first and only tag titles while Hogan was there, split by injuries
    Dudleys – They won 23 tag titles and are now in the main event scene. I’d think that’s a promotion for them under Hogan.
    Beer Money – Had their longest tag title reign under Hogan before both became world champions, which people had been wanting to see for years
    British Invasion – Terry and Williams both won singles titles and Magnus later won another tag title
    Rock N Rave – Released 8 months before Hogan signed with TNA

    Hogan didn’t destroy the tag division. He did what has been done with it for years: used it to make new singles stars.

    Mike Reply:

    Jay I am ok with you but this was some blind TNA hate. No offense.

  3. Jay H. says:

    Well thats true I guess. I was thinking more along the lines Pre-Hogan TNA.

  4. The Killjoy says:

    Meanwhile both development fields have at least passable tag teams.

  5. Si says:

    there was promise last year with about a month of tag teams being relevent, like the tournament… all they need is to book the tag teams like that all year long in a similar way to the year 2000 tag teams.

    also looking at that year the future singles stars were all brought through in teams, Jeff became a top face, Edge is HOF, Christian 2x world champion, matt hardy was solid midcard, test a solid big man, Albert former IC Champ, Bubba and D’Von in TNA are solid singles guys, Bradshaw former World Champion, Faarooq former world champion who wasn’t cut out to be a singles guy anymore so in a perfect role here

    on top of that guys like Buchanan and Godfather, 2 cool who wern’t cut out to be singles guys yet were entertaining in their role it was great to give variety from the big names, as well as give them people to credibly beat without hurting the tag team guys as they’re not known as singles specialists so expected to lose while still being a name

  6. SoM says:

    WWE could easily make more feuds than just Scholars v Hell No if the other teams got mic time like those two do. That’s what happened with the Prime Time Players and people got into them and their annoying mannerisms.

    Give the Uso’s time to speak and make the crowd know why they are faces, give Epico and Primo time like they got on Smackdown to speak. Their reign would’ve been far more memorable and impressive if instead of beating the Uso’s every two weeks they were getting mic time to carve a personality. Let Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd(When he’s back) use International Airstrike(Because a name helps) and give them long matches(They don’t actually need mic time, their offense is entertaining enough).

  7. James Gracie says:

    I think the writers just get bored with tag teams now. And I agree KB, TNA has made some big starts out of breaking up their teams. Storm, Roode, Bully Ray, Magnus, and hopefully Chris Sabin when he returns can get some revenge on Bobby Roode who took him out(kay-FAB) and that can elevate him too.