Dolph Ziggler’s Rumble Entry Number Announced

Kind of at least.Ziggler won a Beat the Clock challenge tonight but since he made out with AJ in front of Vickie, he has to pick either #1 or #2.  Odds are he’ll be in there either about two minutes or close to forty five.


  1. Eric says:

    The part of this that has me shaking my head (no I won’t do SMH because that’s stupid) is that when AJ did NOTHING to abuse her powers, she was fired. However, Vickie CLEARLY abused her power twice tonight. Once, she kept a star out of the building because he was “mean to her” and the second time she screwed Dolph out of a good rumble spot because of a personal vendetta. There is no consistency and she should have been fired. The whole thing is stupid and it costed AJ relevancy because she’s an afterthought with a mundane Ziggler now. That irks me.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Welcome to being a wrestling fan chum.

  2. Eric says:

    Oh I know, but for some reason this one upsets me because a) AJ being GM was something new and different whereas Vickie was a step backwards and b)AJ took a HUGE step backwards after losing that job. It’s just played out so poorly as the events of tonight made it stand out more.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    That makes sense but then again i want no regular authority figures on my shows at all so I’m not the right audience for you.

    Eric Reply:

    No I’d be just fine with that. I just feel bad for AJ that she went from the focus of the show to lackey of a mediocre guy with a briefcase. Stupid Brie Bella……..or is it Nicki?

    SamualDude Reply:

    I’d personally like the GM to be like Dusty Rhodes in NXT at the moment. Not really appearing on screen all the time but being mentioned like “Oh our general manager set up this match for tonight” Just a background authority figure is how I’d like the authority figures to be.

  3. klunderbunker says:

    I’ve been wanting something like that for years.