Royal Rumble Pre-Show Match Set

It’s not a spoiler but since people insist on whining about reading news when they come to a site where news is posted, I’ll put it after the break.  I’ll even go one up on that and throw in some fake tags.  Is THAT enough to make you lunkheads happy?Cesaro is defending against Miz.  You knew that was going to be added to the card in some sort.


  1. The Killjoy says:

    Laugh at me, but I was expecting Orton not Botchy McFourlock given those two have also been at it and Orton just beat Cesaro.

  2. Mouldylocks says:

    Unfortunately I can see The Miz winning with a figure four, to further this relationship with Ric Flair that WWE appear to be forcing down our throats… Is it me, or does WWE think the best way to turn someone face is to give them a title immediately?