Take Two Studios Acquires WWE Video Game License



This is out of my range of knowledge as the last system I owned was a PS2 and the only video games I play anymore are from before a lot of you were probably born.  I have no idea if Take Two is good or if THQ was bad, but apparently they’ve gone out of business so they couldn’t be that good.


Thoughts on this?


  1. Rocko says:

    The last 2k game I played was MLB 2k7. It sucked. But I’m guessing it wont change much.

  2. noahconstrictor says:

    THQ was a great company that suffered from the recession. I’m not sure about TakeTwo taking over WWE, but I haven’t touched a WWE game since 2011.

  3. Maw says:

    This is the best thing that could happen to the WWE games.

  4. Stormy says:

    Take-Two owns both 2K Games (2K sports games and other stuff) and Rockstar Games (Grand Theft Auto), the former of which would be likely taking the WWE Games on. 2K Games has an excellent track record, especially recently. NBA 2K11 is widely regarded as the greatest sports game of all time, and its 2 sequels (NBA 2K12 and 2K13) are just as good. Their baseball series has improved after sucking for a while, and while it is still not as good as the Playstation-exclusive baseball game, it is better then it once was.

    THQ was pretty good but as Noah said the recession hurt them. Well, that and games not selling as well as expected. Game companies come and go a lot (one “big” one a year usually with a few small ones every year), this is just the first time it has happened to the company with the WWE License.

    And this will be nothing but good for WWE. The games have been good as of late, but they have grown stale. They have been making new WWE games annually since 2000, and while they make changes every year, they have never blown up the entire game and started new, which they arguably needed to do a few times.

  5. M.R. says:

    The last gaming console I owned was Sega Dreamcast, so I presume not to be of help here.

  6. SamualDude says:

    I haven’t played any of 2KSports games but I am going to miss THQ, I think they did alright. I’ve heard only good things about 2KSports and I think that they will do a good job. Still no word if Yukes are going to 2KSports though, I’d like them to. I think the engine is good but it needs to be bug fixed.

    SamualDude Reply:

    I forgot to add that the WWE video games could end up being available on PC and the possibilities could be endless in terms of modding.

    Stormy Reply:

    Yukes and Jakks, the 2 companies who worked with THQ to make the games, are most likely done with WWE.

    They are both THQ companies, and THQ is gone. 2K Games works with Visual Concepts on the sports titles, which is a good thing. They work with 2K to make the MLB and NBA games, the latter of which for the past 3 years have been considered the greatest sports games of all time.

    They really need to make a new engine. It’s kinda the same one from Smackdown back in 2000. They have fixed it up a ton, but it still is a 13 year old engine.

  7. Jay H. says:

    Im gonna miss THQ. I enjoyed the Games they did and I like WWE 13. I have every WWF/E Game THQ has ever done including the WCW ones they did. Im not a big fan of the 2K stuff but we’ll see I guess.

  8. Your Eternal Reward says:

    From someone who actively bought all wrestling games from 2001 – present (besides ones in 09/10) and an active gamer overall this is great news.

    More specifically EA didn’t go for it. As long as EA/Activision stay away from games i enjoy anyone developer/publisher is fine really.

    Also the notion that wrestling games could PC would be a dream. Could ditch my console once and for all if that happened.