Royal Rumble 2013 Preview

It’s the first PPV of the year and we’ve got four matches confirmed so far.  That’s not unprecedented so I’m not really shocked.  Let’s get to it.Starting with the preshow, I think they’ll hold off on Miz taking the title just yet.  They’ll likely save that for Wrestlemania so Flair can have a BIG tribute.  After all it’s been a few weeks since anyone sucked up to him and told him he’s the best ever so we can’t wait much longer.


I think the Scholars finally get the belts.  They’ve been losing every time they fight lately so they have to get them soon.  Interesting note: if they do win, they’ll only be the second team ever to win the belts at the Rumble.


Del Rio retains and as usual I’ll predict a cash in and expect to be wrong.


Rock wins the title.  You know he’s getting it before Wrestlemania so it’s either here or in the Chamber.


I’ll take Cena to win the Rumble.  I can’t imagine they would give it to Ziggler and the only other option is Sheamus.  I don’t think they’ll do that twice in a row though.


If Kaitlyn (I had to think to remember who the champion was) defends the title, she’ll keep it.


Overall the show looks pretty solid with only one potentially uninteresting match in the tag titles.  Other than that though, everything looks to be a solid option.  Punk vs. Rock finally got me hooked with their segment on Smackdown last night and I need to see this match.  I’m fired up for the Rumble but then again it’s one of my favorite shows of the year.



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  1. chris says:

    del rio


    who I’d like to win the top two matches


    Kinda runs the once in a lifetime when they do it again the next year