He’s Going to Wrestlemania

In a terrible joke, just like the name before the fold,you can’t see him.  Cena won, last tossing out Ryback.


  1. chris says:

    My goodness how much longer must Cena be the conquering hero? I can’t remember any babyface ever getting 50 sometimes even 80% booed. Try something new

    klunderbunker Reply:

    If that was 80% booing, I’d recommend a hearing test.

    M.R. Reply:

    The biggest reaction of the night was when Cena’s music hit. That’s why.

  2. SamualDude says:

    I enjoyed the rumble match the most tonight. Thought it was well paced ,a lot of people got a lot of time in the match. The only complaint I had for the rumble match itself was the way Ryback was eliminated. Seemed a bit too anti-climatic to me.

  3. chris says:

    So you want to hear the deafening silence when Cena wins the title at wrestlemanina? Solving none of the problems and not creating a new star. Cena simply is not the next hulk hogan, steve austin, star they want. Just try someone new.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    New York? Silence? You’re smarter than this.

  4. M.R. says:

    Cena’s NOT the next Stone Cold or Hogan? He’s already the third or fourth biggest star in the history of the company, I think they’re alright with that.