Proper Nostalgia In Modern Times

Last night was a good example of this.Something that I’ve mentioned before is how nostalgic characters are supposed to be used today.  The problem with having guys like Roddy and Dusty and Slaughter doing nostalgia appearances is that they’ve been nostalgic for such a long period of time that the impact is gone.  They’re stars of the 80s, not the 90s.


Last night on the other hand, we saw guys like Goldust, Godfather and the year before that we had the Outlaws in the Rumble.  This is pure nostalgia for people that grew up in the 90s and are a bit bored by modern wrestling at the moment.  Geez if you consider Rock much more than a nostalgia character at this point you’re missing the point.  WWE is FINALLY catering to the 90s fans whose wallets they built the Attitude Era on.  It’s fine to bring out the 80s guys every once in awhile, but mix it up with the 90s every now and then.

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