The Rock vs. John Cena II…..Anybody?

This seems to be the general consensus about the match that is about as obvious as you could ask it to be.So at the Rumble, Cena won the right to fight for a world title at Wrestlemania.  As luck would have it, Rock won the WWE Title and will likely be defending it at Wrestlemania.  If you’re too dense to figure it out at this point, it’s pretty clear that Rock vs. Cena II is happening in New York at Wrestlemania 29.  However, every opinion I’ve read of it since then seems to be the same: people aren’t that thrilled with the prospect.


That’s about where I am on it too.  Now don’t get me wrong: the match is going to be solid as these two can, no joke intended, bring it.  The problem isn’t having the match be good.  It’s having the match feel huge.  Rock and Cena had a year to set up the previous match and by the end of it, I had to see it.  I didn’t care what happened or how good it was but I needed to see the match.  With two and a half months to go and nothing new other than the title being on the line, I don’t see how this is going to come off as something nearly as huge as last year.


Do I want to see it?  Eh…..yeah I guess.  If nothing else the promo work will be amazing as always.  However, that comes back to the same problem: we heard these two talk about each other over the course of 14 months already.  Basically this coming Wrestlemania feels like reheating the feast we had last year: it’s still good but it doesn’t taste like it did straight out of the oven.


Is anyone fired up at this idea?


  1. Kobiyashi says:

    The feud would be great if one of them turned heel. Could you imagine Cena doing what Austin did to Rock at wrestlemania 17? That would be jaw dropping.

  2. M.R. says:

    I’d much rather see Rock-Cena II than Brock-HHH II.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Oh don’t worry: you’ll get to pull your hair out over that very soon I’m sure.

  3. MrHashasheen says:

    My money’s on a triple threat with Punk. He can’t just get ignored after the WWE Championship run he’s had, and if you put Lesnar in a match with Taker, that’s the two big matches sorted.

  4. Evan says:

    If Lesnar is signed through Wrestlemania 31, there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell that he takes on TRIPS @ Mania XXIX. I already said it would be a triple threat with Brock-Taker as a co main event and I’m sticking to that. Punk really has nowhere else to go besides a feud with Taker that would have no legs under it without it being streak vs streak.

    Lesnar-Taker actually makes sense. The WWE has to know that it won’t beat last year’s buyrates with rematch-mania, right ?

  5. Mathix says:

    Not wild on it, but I’m not wild at Mania rematches to begin with. Cena should have just beat Rock last year and called it good. But WWE is a business first and foremost and if Cena vs Rock drew the most buys in history, then why not do it again? Its smart. Plus Cena winning the title from Rock will make up for his loss to him last year.

    As long as they dont do Cena vs Rock III at Mania 30 im fine with it. That HAS to be Cena vs Taker. I dont see any other match that can headline

  6. Mike says:

    KB what about the casuals getting pissed off that Rock jobs to Cena? Not very smart move which can possibly hurt Rock’s drawing power in the future unless Cena turns heel which isn’t happening obviously.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Jobbing to Cena’s isn’t going to hurt Rock’s drawing abilities. He’s at the point where people are going to pay to see him no matter what.

  7. Jay H. says:

    Im fine with it because I think we all knew Cena & Rock couldn’t have just one Match and that be it. At the end of the day WWE is a business and the two of them Draw.

  8. chris says:

    The reason that match did so well was

    1. It’s the god dam Rock wrestling his first 1 on 1 match in 7 years

    2. it was promoted as once in a lifetime, I suppose they meant once a year

    3. The smarks finally got what they wanted. Cena lost a wrestlemania main event clean in the middle of the ring.

    It’s not going to work again. The casual fan isn’t going to care because they saw it already why would they want to see it again? The Smarks aren’t going to care because they know Cena is going to win.

  9. The Killjoy says:

    The inner fanboy in me wanted Orton/Rock just to see two of the biggest wrestlers of wrestling lineage go at it. But Cena’s fine too. They already have experience against each other and that usually leads to better matches. I’m hoping this time we see these two actually get at each other’s throats rather than the nostalgia trips and gags they were pulling.

    My only real bother is with this bad tendency WWE’s has developed to have these feuds go by one year at a time. First it was Taker/HBK, then Taker/HHH, this would technically be the third Wrestlemania to work with Rock vs Cena. They have Summerslam and Survivor Series and I’m pretty sure Undertaker is the only guy with something exclusive to ‘Mania.