Wrestlemania Sequels

As we approach Wrestlemania, it’s pretty clear that the show is going to have at least two major matches that we’ve seen in the last year: Rock vs. Cena II and Lesnar vs. HHH II.  This brings up a few interesting questions.Now first of all, it’s hardly like this is without precedence.  Hogan and Andre had two matches at Mania in back to back years and you could easily argue that there is one flowing story from Mania III to Mania V (Hogan vs. Andre which transitioned to Hogan vs. Savage).  In the last few years though, there have been feuds that have spread over multiple Wrestlemanias.  The Undertaker vs. DX spread over four shows and now Rock vs. Cena is spreading over three.  This brings me to the main question:


Do you like these feuds and stories that spread over multiple Wrestlemanias?  The matches are almost guaranteed to be good as only major stars are used in these things, but would you prefer to see them be one off matches rather than spreading out over years?


The more I think about it, the more I think I like these stretched out stories.  The Undertaker matches have stolen the show the last four years and it’s pretty clear that Rock vs. Cena II will be awesome as well.  Also it’s not like they do this for multiple stories a year every year so it’s hardly something dominating the shows.


  1. Mike says:

    Yeah they are pretty awesome. One could argue that Austin/Rock from WM15-WM17 was just one big storyline with all the hints and confrontations between them.

    Rock/Austin happens in 99

    Was about to go up against each other at Survivor Series for the first time since WM 15 but Austin was injured.

    Austin returns in October 2000 and the hints were already flying leading into WM17.

  2. Thriller says:

    I think it’s a cool thing for the fans that the love the product and follow it from year to year.

    I know you aren’t a fan, but ROH did something similar with the past 3 Final Battles (their WrestleMania). In 2010, Kevin Steen turned heel by attacking his partner El Generico after their match, when most people thought he was announcing that he was taking time off for a knee injury. The next year, Generico beat Steen in a mask vs. contract match to exile Steen from ROH. Then last year, 2012, in what will most likely be Generico’s last ROH match, Steen defeated Generico in a Ladder War to successfully defend the ROH World Title.

  3. It’s going to be the year of redemption matches at Wrestlemania. Cena wins the WWE title, avenging his loss to Rock last year. And Triple H wins his match against Lesnar, avenging his loss at Summerslam, while upholding the McMahon family name.

    I’m not worried about the match quality for either match up. Everyone wasn’t enamored with HHH VS Taker from Mania 27, but they took everything to the next level at Mania 28 (yeah, I know the finisher frenzy probably irritated some people, and Shawn’s hysterical antics and crying probably ruined the match for others).

    So no, I’m not overly excited to see either match, but I’ll hope the best regardless.

  4. Evan says:

    I think the backlash isn’t that we’re getting these matches, I think the general backlash towards these matches would be that it squanders the opportunity to have new creative matches that would garner just as many if not MORE buys.

    I’m a star ratings guy, who most people would see as cynical at this point, and I currently have Rock-Cena I @ *** 1/4 while having Lesnar-HHH at an extremely high **** 1/2 (more than most who use the snowflakes), so both of these matches will by no means be bad at all (add a No DQ stip into Rock-Cena to make it different and shave a good 10-15 minutes off and it’s a classic).

    The point is, the fantasy booking for this Wrestlemania was OFF THE CHARTS compared to years past : Rock vs Brock, Cena vs Taker, Rock vs Taker, Rock vs Punk (which many feel should have happened at Mania), Rock vs Punk vs Cena (can still happen), Taker-Lesnar, HHH-Punk, Jericho-Taker, Rock-Lesnar-Taker, Punk-Lesnar, not to mention the incorporation of guys like Sheamus and Orton in this big time matches….. The possibilities were endless and we get a rehash of everything that happened within the last year ? It’s just lazy booking, not to mention the whole marketing the first Cena-Rock as “once in a lifetime”.

    If they don’t do Brock-Rock at XXX , than I’ll be convinced that WWE cares about one thing and one thing only ; Putting over Vince’s favorite guys (Rock, Cena, Triple H). That match could seriously break 2 million buys with how big it is, and to NOT DO IT when you have the chance is ridiculous.

    Another and the main reason why this booking gets the heat that it does and that’s it’s predictability… Cena is obviously going over and getting his win back before Rock goes away for presumably another year, and HHH is getting his much un-needed win back to KILL Lesnar some more. Punk-Taker will probably have a match and I wonder who will go over there ? We know what the results are gonna be (I have my doubts about Lesnar losing to Trips though, that could be a segway into something bigger), so that’s why this card is so UGLY in a ton of individuals eyes.

    I’m looking forward to Wrestlemania no matter what ; It’s the buildup and the knowing what we COULD have had that kills me.

  5. Chrisman says:

    I posted this on the completely wrong article so I’m posting it again here, sorry El Moderator

    On reflection, although Cena v Rock and Cena v Taker are both exciting, I’ll choose Cena v Taker. Why? Because I find Rock v Brock more exciting than Taker v Brock. I’m sure HHH wants to involve himself in the action too, but he must accept that although he’s great, he’s a level below Rock and Taker in drawing terms, so sorry but you fight Punk. And tbh, HHH v Punk is exciting. Taker can only fight the most epic matches at Mania, and Punk and the most epic right now.

    Plus, Brock v Taker you know who would win (same with Punk v Taker). Cena v Taker? Well……if it’s not Cena to end the streak it’s no one.

    Reading the posts here, I can’t believe they’ll put Taker v Punk. I do like Punk but Taker at Mania? Have a word with yourself Vince. I’m afraid your golden boy in his vulcanized rubber thong is more on Punk’s level. Ok that’s harsh, but HHH could help elevate Punk, whereas Punk will just bring Taker’s epicness down. I think the WWE is actually scared of what might happen if they put Cena v Taker. It will probably be the death knell of the company because it will be impossible to top. Save that one for when you really need it.

    If Cena and Rock are your 2 biggest stars, it kind of makes sense to not have them wrestle each other, especially as the alternatives aren’t exactly non-drawers. Just book the matches everyone wants. Tell me, honestly, is Brock v Taker anywhere near as exciting as Cena v Taker?

    Jericho v Ziggler
    Orton v Ryder
    Punk v HHH
    Rock v Brock
    Taker v Cena

    Chrisman Reply:


  6. The Killjoy says:

    I’m starting to get mad at these. Mainly because it’s happened far too often lately. It’s ridiculous. Like you said, Taker vs DX was 4 Wrestlemanias straight. As Taker vs HHH started so did The Rock and John Cena which is still going now 3 years later.

    On the other hand, Lesnar and Triple H started in Summerslam. Another big show. I can understand the feuds with The Undertaker taking place only at Wrestlemania due to the streak, but if we can have Punk vs The Rock at the Royal Rumble and Triple H vs Brock Lesnar at Summerslam, as well as Lesnar vs Cena at Extreme Rules, why the hell do we need to recycle Cena vs The Rock for Wrestlemania in specific? This is most likely been the plan since Raw 1000 meaning not only was Punk screwed from then ’till the Ruble, but they locked all plans all the way ’till then. I get the buys thing for ‘Mania. But having the main events being rematches from the previous years is starting to become a very tiresome thing.

  7. Deanerandterry says:

    Depends on the match for me. I’ve seen Rock vs. Austin at 3 WM’s and was happy about it, same with Taker’s last 4 matches. In regards to the sequels this year at this point I don’t particularly care, not saying the matches won’t be good I just don’t have a lot of interest in them. Take the last 4 Taker matches for example, they always gave enough reason for me to want to see the next match even if it was a repeat, it almost felt like the matches needed to happen and in all cases those were the matches I wanted Taker to have.

    With Cena vs. Rock at least they’ve changed it up as its now for the title which is sort of an unfulfilled promise that Cena made back when the first match was announced but with HHH vs. Lesnar the story feels complete to me. HHH wanted to get back at Lesnar for breaking his arm and failed, its over and Lesnars the winner. Now they do the same thing except he breaks Vince’s pelvis, its the same thing except Vince is hurt not HHH. Even if the match gets some awesome stipulation the road to get there is the same so I don’t care as much.

    I’m all for numerous Wrestlemania matches as long as they give me another reason to care but for this particular Mania I just don’t.