Only One Chamber Match At The PPV

Based on what we’ve gotten from the two shows this week, it’s pretty clear we’re only getting one Chamber match at the PPV of the same name.  That’s a very good thing for reasons I’ve said before.The problem with having two Chamber matches is summed up by a comment from I think 2009.  During the second Chamber match of the night, Michael Cole said something along the lines of “when did you last see carnage like this?”  I remember saying out loud: “About an hour ago.”  It’s the same problem with having two Cell matches or any gimmick match on the same show: having the same match twice makes the impact of the gimmick match feel a lot weaker.


  1. M.R. says:

    Exactly right. Not to mention there aren’t 12 guys on the roster worthy of a high profile match. I hope they go this route with MITB as well.

  2. Mouldylocks says:

    I really thought they were going to put the Shield in the chamber for a tag team match, Do you think that’s still a possibility?